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About Elwha Campgrounds

Located in a wooded section of the Elwha Valley.

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Park Closures Elwha (Olympic Hot Springs) Road closed to vehicles beyond Madison Falls parking lot due to washout Open to bicycle/pedestrian traffic beyond Madison Falls parking lot. Parking and turnaround space are limited. No visitor facilites beyond the gate at the parking lot. A bypass trail provides access around the flood damage. Pets are permitted on leash.
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Elwha Campgrounds is located in Olympic National Park in Washington
48.0295 N
-123.5883 W
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From Highway 101, turn south onto Olympic Hot Springs Road. Campground is approximately 3 miles on left.
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Campground no longer exists!

Elwha Campground was destroyed by flooding in the winter of 2017. The National Park Service is in the process if dismantling the campground and letting it return to natural forest land. If you are heading into the Elwha either for the day, a quick overnight or as part of the Pacific Northwest Trail the two closest campgrounds are in the backcountry; either Humes Ranch up Whiskey Bend Road or Boulder Creek up Hot Springs Road. Access to these areas is fairly difficult as no future plans for permanent bridges are in place where washouts have occurred. While the Elwha River valley is absolutely gorgeous, it is a mission to get to the upper reaches such as Glines Canyon and further upriver.

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Permanently Closed

It’s a sad day when you find a beautiful campground destroyed and closed for good, but if you’re up for an adventure you can still visit these grounds that were washed out by the Elwah River in the Spring of 2017.

The Hot Springs Road is closed until a bridge can be constructed, but with Summer coming you can easily hop over most of the overflow from the River. Elwah River decided it was time to make a change and when it shifted it wiped out both Elwah and Altair campgrounds.

So no modern campsites exist any longer, but it is still a great spot to pitch a tent if you’re up for it. Just make sure to check the fire hazards and regulations prior to setting up a campfire here.

Among the ruins is also a road that leads to the falls, just a short 2 mile hike in and out. You are free to explore the falls right down to the bottom. Also, Mountain Biking is a great way to explore these now Barron campsites and falls. Grab your bike and pack and hit the woods! Guaranteed to be a quiet weekend.