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Hobuck Resort and Beach Area is located in Washington
48.3362 N
-124.6633 W
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7 Reviews of Hobuck Resort and Beach Area
Amazing Campground w/sites right on the water.

Beautiful campground, big trees, easy access to the beach, and the sound of ocean waves all night long.

Ranger Review: Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel at Hobuck Beach Resort

What is the most Northwestern campground in the lower 48 you ask? Hobuck Beach Resort just west of Neah Bay, Washington is located "where the Earth began" according to the local Makah Tribe. This campground/RV camp/ cabin resort has a little bit of everything for anyone at any price point. Spread over two sites about 3/4 of a mile from each other this is my go-to surf spot to really get away from it all. Found one of the few sunny weekends out on the Washington coast to try out my new Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel.

Campground Review:

For the luxury-minded who enjoy an actual bed and roof over your head 10 cabins are available at the north site in the park and 16 cabins at the south site. Cabins have their own bathrooms and can sleep up to six people, prices change throughout the year so check the website link at the bottom of this review.

For those who's camping experience includes 4-6 wheels there are 8 sites with full hookups at the south site. I have included photos of the campground map to give people a better idea of the layout of the sites.

For the full-on dirtbags and for those who don't require water/electricity there is a beautiful open field to set up shop wherever your heart desires or you can find room. The tent area has no designated sites and operates as a kind of "organized chaos" with people pulling cars over dunes into pits and getting sandwiched in when others arrive, so be aware of where you set camp.

Handy cans are located in various areas around the resort and there is one fully operational bathroom in either area. With that being said there is also only one fully operational shower in either area and it can get crowded/gross depending on the amount of people staying there. Expect to either take an ocean shower or do it at strange hours of the day.

Try to be flexible when making the journey out to Hobuck. Cabins can be reserved (and should be in the summer) but all other sites are on a first come, first serve basis. A use permit is required to camp on tribal land and you can get that at either the store in town or the resort check-in station.

The real draw here is the surf, Hobuck has one of the more consistent sets in Washington and surfers come from all over the state to check out the waves. In the summer and possibly other times of the year there is a rental shack set up by North by Northwest surf that can rent you anything you heart desires. If they are not there check out the main shop in Port Angeles on your way out if you want to rent/buy anything. The surf is pretty safe with really mellow currents most of the year so a great place to learn to surf!

Other things to do include hiking to either Shi Shi beach to the south or Cape Flattery to the north, both are fairly easy and Cape Flattery is mostly a boardwalk to the point. Shi Shi beach allows for camping but a permit is necessary as it is Olympic National Park land. Other than that Neah Bay has a great museum explaining Makah history and the Ozette village site originally located further south. There is also killer seafood you can get either directly from people in their homes or from Washburn's in town as well as day tours and kayak rentals to do some exploring on your own! 4/5 stars, it looks like their setting up to build more facilities in the north site (maybe more showers). If so I would give 5 stars here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Makah nation is drug and alcohol free, I'm not sure if that carries over into Hobuck Beach Resort but PLEASE respect their wishes as you are guests on their land.

Check out Hobuck yourself:

Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt I occasionally get products to test in the field, since I spend time outdoors for both work and play this is great for me! This trip I decided to test out the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel.

I was really worried about bringing a solar panel out to one of the grayest and wettest parts of the US but the weather gods had pity upon my soul and gave me clear skies for 3 straight days out at Hobuck Beach.

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 was great! It gave me enough power to keep my tablet, phone and portable batteries powered through the weekend. I was able to set it up on top of my car and tent and keep things charged while I went out to my morning and evening surf sessions. I really liked the kickstand and "solar intensity" indicator on the junction box showing you how much juice you have running to your devices so you can dial in maximum performance.

The construction itself is super rugged, I wasn't worried at all about the constant sea breeze and dew that was ever present out there. It was ready to go right out of the box and is super simple to use, just plug your USB charging device directly in and your good to go! Bonus points for having 2 carabiners included so you can hang the panel off a backpack and charge on the go. I'm definitely bringing this product out in the field for work this summer and any sunny day. 5/5 stars

Check out the product here:

Best 4th of July Spot

I have come here every 4th of July for the past 4 years. It is beautiful spot on the ocean on Makah tribal land, with bald eagles flying overhead. The campground is nice and clean and the staff is always lovely. It's first come first served camping and is never too crowded. The fireworks show lasts all day and cannot be beat.

Free for all!

Camped in the open field for $25. Must purchase recreational use permit in addition to site charge. Field is wide open with some roads. Just pick a site! Some campfire rings established. Easy walk to the beach. Lots of surfers.

Super basic

But just what we needed before a long day of hiking the next day. Fills up fast during peak season but empties just as quickly in the early morning. The walk to the water is nice and easy beach access.

Neah Bay, Cape Flattery, and Sekiu! You MUST see the cape!

Words do not capture what it means to camp and explore this nation within a nation. First, you must have a pass to camp or do most recreational activities. The permit is $10 for the YEAR so save your pass (paper). You may purchase your pass at most retail outlets and you hang it from the rear view while on sovereign land. Do not miss the trail to Cape Flattery. You'll want a camera, hiking stick. Binoculars and perhaps something to keep you dry as it gets wet. The cape trail traverses various terrain and moderate difficulty. There are wood paths and bridges to help on particularly hairy parts. At the top of the trail, you may opt for a walking stick made by a tribal member. There are there for your use and are to be returned when done or leave $5. All honor system. Also, lots of wildlife at the pond at the top by RV turnout. The beaches, the town, all are worth seeing yet the cape trail is the MUST SEE! Nearby town of sekiu was also worth a look. The drive in alone is worth the trip and yes, bald eagles were seeing over the water. The actual site is a beach site with myriad camping options. If you like roughing it or have an elegant rig, this spot is right. Really at a loss for how blown away I a man by this experience. Some old and sacred spots inviting you to wonder.

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Here you are in a dream

This place…. words cannot descibe the beauty and serenity you find here. First. This area is at the top most tippy top of the continental USA. The campground is located on the beach. There is hookups for campers, tent camping, however you camp. Firepits and picnic tables are available. Bathrooms with running hot water and flushable toilets are on site. Cabins can be rented. The beach stretches for miles. Surf, paddle board, kayak and whatever else makes you happy out on the water. There are two beautiful hikes available. One is Cape Flattery, about a mile and half. Mostly boarded and incredible Pinterest views. The other being Shishi Beach Hike. Almost 7 miles. Such a beautiful hike. Something to note: there isnt any fastfood once you pass up Port Angeles. Bring food, or shop at the tribal store. Gas is cheaper on tribal lands, public restrooms are not flushable past Port Angeles.

This place is worth the drive and if you have a chance to see go.