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Holston River Bank is located in Tennessee
36.0988 N
-83.6678 W
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Ranger Review : Morsel Sporks at Holston River Bank

My wife and I decided to do an overnight float trip on the Holston River with one of our good friends. The river was absolutely rolling with 2 generators running for the entire week so the islands we normally try to stay on were few and far between so we had to camp on the bank in our hammocks. This is an absolute blast of a trip and if you want world class small mouth fishing, look no further! Try to hit it when they are rolling 0 or 1 generators only and the fishing will blow your mind; you’re welcome!!!!! This trip can be done with tents just as easy if not easier than hammocks if you prefer to pack in your tent camping gear. We chose hammocks for space saving reasons only.

Product review: As a Ranger for The Dyrt we get to test out new products on occasion and because we were floating in our kayaks had to pack light including food and utensils. We packed our travel stove and 3 freeze dried dinners to cook Saturday evening. Morsel Spork and the Dyrt were kind enough to send us a Morsel Spork, 2 Morsel XL’s and a Morsel XL Spoon. We used the Morsel Sporks to eat and the spoon to cook/serve with. We typically camp on a weekly basis and one of the things we fight on a regular basis cooking freeze dried meals is the issue of stirring the meals and trying to eat out of the bags without getting food all over our hands. The regular size Morsel Spork is great for eating off of a plate as it’s light weight and has a built in spoon, fork and knife. However the Morsel XL’s are great for eating directly out of the bag as they are long enough to reach to the bottom of the bag to stir, serve or eat. The Morsel XL Spoon is perfect for stirring, serving or eating if you don’t need a fork or knife. The XL Spoon also has a spatula built in to help get the last bit of that delicious meal stuck to the bottom or the bag or pot/pan. These utensils are super lightweight, easy to clean and extremely handy for overnight camping, cooking and eating! Do yourselves a favor and go pick you up a set for your next adventure!