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Most Recent Big Sandy Camping Reviews
Easy going

A nice campground with both tent and RV sites. Nicely separated from the RV sites so that  I wasn't breathing in the RV exhaust. There is the canoe drop in that is quite busy during the day but not a hassle, It does have quiet hours that are enforced by the camp hosts. The cliff on the other side of the river was a gorgeous view when the sun was setting.

The facilities are very nice that are attached to the rodeo grounds. The toilets flush and the showers are private.

Full toilets!!!

A pretty basic campsite. There is some shade and “buildings” to provide shade. No really good or visible hiking areas since it’s mostly flat ground. Fishing is good though, and at night you can catch catfish! The worst part of this campsite is the two outhouses. Though they are nicer stone ones, one has about an inch of dried mud covering the floor with excrement in a pile almost above the toilet seat. The other outhouse has less dirt, and excremental goes to the bottom of the toilet bowl (the chamber is full; about floor level). Also the toilets have no toilet paper so BRING YOUR OWN!!! Thank you

Great Hike, But Cows!

I never slept here, but your only shade will be the provided “shelters”. The fire-pits are not shaded as well. The hiking up to the Hole-in-The-Wall is AWESOME! Though you will have to do some easy rock climbing so be prepared. It’s also really easy to fall hundreds of feet as well. Since you will take boats there, cows can walk to the landing sites, but remember to keep all your gates shut. Overall pretty good campsite.

Hikes and pictographs

Pretty nice shaded campsite. There are two hiking opportunities here. The first is the awesome Neat Coulee Canyon where it’s a short hike with small climbing (and bigger climbing opportunities; pretty risky). There are also pictographs in the opposite direction of the campsite to the canyon. It is kinda hard to find, but look for reddish rock near a juniper. I’ve attached a photo of the area from the spot where the pictographs are. Safe travels!

Cool dog

It’s a nice clean campsite to begin your boating adventure on the river with lots of space. The cabin has free WiFi to finish up work before heading into nature. The bathrooms are pretty average for outhouses as well. Also, if your lucky, the camp’s doggo May visit you. He is free to pet!

Nice campground with great hiking oppertunity

Located in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument at river mile 56.0. Eagle Creek is a very popular camping location on the river. The site has two vault toilets and five metal fire rings, several more rock fire rings are also available. Large cottonwoods provide shade and good locations to set up a hammock. Plenty of room to set up tents. Good hiking through a slot canyon is possible. Lewis and Clark camped near here on the other side of Eagle Creek on May 31, 1805.

Good spot are to find

This is a good primitive spot to camp at river mile 103.1 along the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. However the location can be a challenge to find as the sign can't be seen from the river, small take out location. Site has 1 metal fire ring.

Lewis and Clark's May 27, 1805 campsite is located a few hundred yards down stream, just follow the trail to the marker.

First to Review
Great campsite along the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

Nice campground with lots of room. Very clean Vault Toilet. Fire rings and picnic tables available. One downside is that their is not a good location to land a canoe at the campground, need to use the boat launch 2-3 tenths of a mile further down river. No water available. dumpsters are available.

Lewis and Clark's May 28, 1805 marker is a few hundred feet from the Visitor Assistant station.

Nice but very busy campground

A very popular developed boat camp at mile 76.8 of the Upper Missouri River Break National Monument. Site is an fenced area with two vault toilets, one shelter and five metal fire rings. Site is very busy, but is large and can handle a lot of campers.

Corps of Discovery camped here on both their western and easter journeys on the Missouri. Site can be found a short distance upriver from the camping area, a trail leads to the site and is marked with a brass marker plate.

Nice camp with shelters

Nice developed camp site at river mile 63.0 on the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. Site has two vault toilets and four metal fire ring, no tables but several benches. Shelters provide the only shade for the camp. Just down river is Hole-in-the-Wall. Nice trail leads to the hole-in-the-wall. To get to trail canoe down river another 0.8 mile, stopping at the first large cottonwood, you will find a trail here.