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Easy Backpacking Trip in Los Angeles

Musch Camp is an easy one mile hike from from the Trippet Ranch Parking Lot in Topanga State Park. If you want a longer hike you can hike up the East Topanga Fire Road and then drop down into Musch Camp on the Backbone Trail from Eagle Junction. This will add a few more miles to your hike and allow you to make a loop by hiking back to Trippet Ranch via the one mile Musch Trail.

The cost is $7 per person per night. You can pay at the Entrance Station at the Trippet Ranch Parking Lot or the Iron Ranger at the camp. If you are parking your vehicle overnight in the parking lot please leave a note on your dashboard so that the Rangers are aware that you are camping at Musch Camp.

The campground has around 6 campsites in two sections surrounded by fencing. Each site has a picnic table.  FIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED. There is also a restroom with flush toilets' and sinks as well as a water spigot. There are also horse corrals across the trail from the campground. Some of the sites have shade.

There are meadows down the trail on either side of the campground. There is limited cell service at the campground.

Very nice small campground

Nice area for RVing. Good size campsites. Full hookups, Public Restrooms and nice playground area. There is a camp host on site and the Ranger makes at least a daily visit. Someone was still in our reserved spot, They were not in their trailer at the time and the Ranger said they could have the Rig towed, but we opted to have the Ranger change our reservation to another nice site.

Note: Be aware of checkout times, not just here, but any campground as it would be awful to come back to fine your RV had ben towed to an impound lot.

My home town

This is a small park right in my own home town. Lots of trees, and tucked away in a canyon. There is archery with lessons for kids on the weekends. Very fun! If you are new to RV camping, it’s a good place to practice.

Weekend backpacking

Close by campsite and pitstop on the way to Mt. Wilson. Great overlook of the Los Angeles. Lots of bugs around good thing we had a head net. Not many people around when we were camping so it was pretty quiet.

Great secluded, hike in trail camp along stream

Great campground with multiple sites. Fire pits & along Bear Creek (seasonal). Can be reached from Tom Sloan Saddle or Switzer Falls Trailhead.

Hidden, quiet, little gem!

This campground happens to be very close to home so we went here to try out our brand new pull behind camper trailer for the very first time.
The campground is small, quiet and very well-kept.

In fact, every subsequent campground toilet facility I now compared to this one because it was so clean!!

Only 12 sites - all have full hook ups, picnic table and fire pit.

Make note! There is no Wi-Fi here and as best we could tell , no cellular signal for any provider.

Large grassy area for picnicking etc. Small park area for the children. And a really amazing looking archery zone that the public can use on Saturdays for a mere $5

Go here to relax and disconnect! We loved it. 


This place literally feels like our back yard. That probably makes sense since a side entrance is only a mile down the road from us.

We hike this several times a month. Its a great place to go wander and feel lost, yet realize there’s a gas station right down the street (or in our case, home 😁). This park, and the hundreds of smaller parks dotted around the residential neighborhoods is one of hundreds of reasons why we love calling Chino Hills home.

Occasionally I work in Orange County so often I get to ride my motorcycle through Chino Hills State Park on the 142 through Sleepy Hollow on an incredibly regular basis. There is not an aspect to this park we don’t love and the wildlife here along with the seasonal changes make this place a wonderful escape from the daily life that can be Southern California. Great for day trips, picnics, and general fun. But be warned in the summer it can be deceiving, Chino Hills is lovely in the shade, but it gets HOT in direct sunlight, way hotter than most people remember to account for so bring plenty of water, and extra ice. Also realize that while there are main trails many people have a tendency to do their own thing so watch the main trails because off shoots tend to start/stop very abruptly.

Great spot for day-tripping and excercising

So we’ve never camped here mostly because it’s a 15 minute drive from our house and that just feels like cheating lol. But we come here constantly for fishing, bicycling, and kayaking. Biggest frustration? Dogs are not allowed out on the water, even if contained to your boat/kayak/canoe/etc, even if you strap your dog to you (she has a K9 sport sack just for this). Trust me I’ve tried all the logic there is, the sheriffs ain’t budging. I get it, but my dog loves kayaking and is very well trained and it’s frustrating to be so close yet she can’t come with me. And I’m single so it’s not exactly like I can leave her with someone on the beach while I kayak, so unfortunately when I do kayak here the poor pup has to stay home. However, out of the water dogs are allowed and enjoyed everywhere! We have done the cycle loop of the entire park so many times I’ve lost count and everyone seems so impressed a 19 pound senior dog with a heart condition can rack up a 5 mile jog no sweat. Haha this pup is invincible! If you aren’t familiar with the trails they can get a little tricky to follow but easy enough to recorrect. (The first video shows what some of the main trails are like, easy to ride and very well kept!)

Now that a good section of the East side of the park bordering the RV Resort and Airport is privately owned it is a BEAR to circle back to your original point. Honestly we’re talking a 10 minute bike trail of about .4 miles now loops out 5 miles into the neighborhood right next to the freeway off ramp and into normal traffic near the Pomona Fairgrounds. Also no sidewalks so talk about going leisurely on a bike path dumped into 40+ mph with signaled turn lanes on 5 lane wide streets where you need to merge and make left turns. (The second video shows this transition and redirect, please be safe people!) Honestly this new adjustment has caused a lot of cyclists I know and ride with to swear off the park because it’s too much to ask for those of us with pets or small children. I heard there is a petition circling to ask for a safer updated option.

Also realize that this change is not marked anywhere on the trails or maps and there is a huge elevation change from the top parking lots north of the park down to the southeast side. This means unless you know the bike path has changed, your only option to get the last .4 miles back to your car is to jump on to a busy main road, turn around and bike back the 5 miles completely uphill, or call an Uber and have them deliver you back lol. All in all though, great place to relax and have fun.

Easy Access, Low Profile

My wife and I swung by the park for a quick survey. It’s small and uncrowded. Nice bathroom facilities, grass and picnic area. Hooks and dump station. Day fees are $2.00. We did not meet the camp host. Reservations are made online.

Good access to the hills but a better trail, Tapo Canyon trail is a mile down the road. It’s a much wider trail, easier to see the rattlesnakes. Rattlesnake warnings are posted everywhere in camp. See pictures for more details.

No roads, no toilets, plenty of water and (maybe) bears.

Three fire pits, dig your own commode, lots of water year round, but little wood. Expect to forage far if you want a fire. But otherwise a great spot to spend a few summer days away from anyone not hale enough to trek in a few miles.