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About 2S1 Yellowstone NP back-country site
$3.00 - $15.00
National Park Service
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2S1 Yellowstone NP back-country site is located in Wyoming
44.97 N
-110.2364 W
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Ranger review Morsel Spork XL at Yellowstone Backcountry site 2S1

Camp among wide meadows, lush forests, towering peaks and wildlife

Yellowstone National Park's back-country site 2S1 is definitely the most amazing back-country site our Venturing Crew has backpacked to this summer, and we have been to quiet a few. Back-country site 2S1 is located along Slough Creek in a beautiful valley where Sandhill Cranes calls fill the valley in the evening and early morning. It is a 4.3 mile hike along the Slough Creek Trail to the spur trail for site 2S1, then a.6 mile hike to the campsite. Being.6 miles from the trail would usually mean solitude, but this site appears to be a popular fishing location as well as their was always someone fishing in the area. But don't worry, the campsite is fairly hidden from the creek and those fishing were very considerate. The campsite has numerous flat locations to pitch a tent. Their is a pole suspended between two trees for handing your food, but you don't need to use it as a bear proof locker has been placed at the site. A rock fire ring is available for fires and has large logs on two sides to sit on. Plenty of firewood is available in the form of large trees that are scattered on the ground through out the area, just find one of the older ones that are rotting and pull them apart and in a few minutes you have a nice pile of wood that will start easy. You don't need much wood at any one time on the fire to have a nice hot fire as this dry rotted wood really burns hot. If you are planning on having a fire be sure to bring a container to bring water from the creek to put it out with, as you are at least 50 yards from the creek. The view is amazing from camp, a wondering creek going though a wide valley with steep mountains on each side. In the evening we were treated to the alpine glow on the mountain tops for a good 15 minutes. Do you want to see wildlife, well we say plenty on this backpack trip. Hundreds of bison on the drive to the trail head, watched a black bear munching on various vegetation 100 feet from the trail, a young fox walked right by us on the trail, squirrels, chipmunks, a badger, sandhill cranes and other song birds as well. To get to back-country site 2S1 start at Slough Creek Trail head(2K5) and hike the 4.3 miles to the spur trail to the campsite. You will have one hard climb right of the bat, the first.7 miles is a steep climb, after that it is a easy hike. A warning, don't be shocked when you see lots of tourist heading out on the trail completely unprepared. We are talking about hiking in flip flops, no water, no bear spray, and this on a steep trail to start where we spotted the bear along the trail edge.8 miles in.

Ranger review of the Morsel Spork XL

We have been using the Morsel XL spork with out Scouts on several backpacking trips this summer and the unanimous opinion is a big thumbs up. We have used our Morsels with MRE's, and they truly out perform compared to the plastic spoon those meals provide. With backpacking dehydrated meals we are able to get out every little bit out of the corners of the bag without getting our hands messy. Bowls, cups, and plates, no problem getting to all the food, which makes clean-up after a meal easier. The variety of colors is helpful as well, as we can give each scout a different color so no one confuses their Morsel with anyone else, and we can quickly figure out who dropped theirs or left it laying around. The Morsel Spork XL is now our go to utensil for our backpacking adventures.