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We offer two rafting trips per day and rent tubes by the hour. We have canoes and kayaks for flat water paddling on miles of pristine waterways surrounding Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and have two boat to only campgrounds as well as camping at Northern Waters. The area offers some of the best multi-species fishing anywhere. We offer guided fishing trips all year long or book a pontoon tour with us and get a close-up view of the wildlife in northern New Hampshire.

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Diamond Peaks is located in Maine
44.8558 N
-71.0458 W
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Camping Along the Magalloway River

Let me start by saying that this camping area has a lot of potential, it just needs some attention from the owners. Diamond Peaks is a camping area accessible by boat only. Situated along the beautiful Magalloway River, it offers a spot to stay if you are interested in embarking on a multi-day paddle.

Note: the price listed above is per person, per night.

The campground has 6 designated sites, three of which are quite nice and three that are laughable and shouldn't be considered designated sites. There is also an out house with two pit toilets that was in total disrepair. There was trash all over the floor of both toilets and neither had been tended to in quite some time. Sites 1, 2 and 3 are nice and include picnic tables and small fire rings. Site 1 is a short distance from the floating dock and 2 and 3 are a bit further down and both are situated just above the river. Be warned, it is VERY buggy here in July especially if there isn't a breeze and if you are on the back side of the area (sites 4, 5 and 6). Site 3 is the nicest in my opinion, as there is a small beach area that is nice for wading or taking a dip to cool off. Otherwise, you have to get in the water at the dock area and the current can be swift there so use caution.

Site 4 has a small fire ring but no picnic table and is tiny. Site 5 has no fire ring or picnic table and is just sort of in between some trees. Site 6 is a joke, the number isn't even on the tree anymore but on the ground. These sites were even more buggy than 1-3. 

It was evident that someone comes out to mow the grass so the sites are kept free of tall grass. However, it would appear that the upkeep stops there. The dock is a floating with a step ladder that goes from the dock up the river bank. The steps need some attention. 2 of the steps are completely broken making it difficult to get on and off the dock, especially with gear. 

The main office for Northern Waters is in Errol and you have to stop and pick up a paper permit prior to arriving at the campsite. While I had positive interactions via email with someone, the individual that was in the office when I went to get my permit could have cared less. He asked me rather rudely if I needed something and when I told him I was there to pick up my permit, he handed me the paper and told me to fill it out, take the yellow copy and he walked out the door and got into a van. I wasn't sure what number site we were in, nor did he offer any information or ask if we had any questions. It seemed a little ridiculous to have me physically come in the office if they didn't actually need anything, at least something that couldn't be done online. 

It is a beautiful spot, as I said. It just needs a little love. I did enjoy catching a few fish off the dock in between swatting at the mosquitos. So that was a plus!