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About Boone Park - Lake Nocona
Fires Allowed
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Boone Park - Lake Nocona is located in Texas
33.882 N
-97.658 W
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1 Review of Boone Park - Lake Nocona
Trash Everywhere!

This site is well removed from civilization. I would advise not trying to stay here during summer months because it is very hot and dry but during spring or fall it is a great place to catch a sunset in solitude.

RVs and Tents are welcome however sites are harder to maneuver for rigs because of the roadways. I would recommend a tent for access with more room to spread out. There are no improvements at this facility in way of electricity. RVs are able to park on the large parking area comfortably but getting removed from the heat of the asphalt is a bit difficult at this campground.

Tents can spread out, however the ground is hard packed and so you will want to bring something to give up a little comfort instead of just laying on the ground itself. Air mattress is a great idea but you will for sure want to clear your site before you set up because of the sharp small rocks.

The grounds themselves are in need of a little TLC, the picnic tables haven’t been replaced in some time and are warped. While they can still be used they are not level at all!! Then comes the garbage! I was so upset to come here only to find it looked like someone had a big party and didn’t clean up. There were literally bags of trash scattered everywhere and one site had been tossed with the garbage can thrown toward the water when it was full. There is a large dumpster at the property because it is right next to the boat ramp and it was so full it looked like it had not been emptied in a long time. I was there on a Wednesday, I find it hard to believe that the weekend before had been so busy that it was that full, this lake isn’t that populated.

Camping here is completely free so for someone who has an off grid set up this is ideal, I would suggest staying kind of off the beaten path from the boat ramp area.

This area is known more for their fishing than swimming although you can swim, but there is no beach so you will be hopping into the water from a grassy area. There are two docks which you can fish off of however so this might be more your cup of tea.