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        Valley City National Fish Hatchery

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        Valley City, North Dakota

        The Valley City National Fish Hatchery is one of the Fish and Wildlife Service’s oldest hatcheries providing fish to waters in the Midwest since 1940. The hatchery was established along a major railroad hub, which facilitated in the distribution of fish by rail cars in the early days. Today the hatchery is active in the restoration of lake sturgeon in the Red River of the North. The hatchery also plays a vital role in maintaining recreational fishing opportunities in North Dakota waters. A fishing pond and fishing access to the Sheyenne River is available to visitors. High quality game fish stocked by the hatchery provide quality sport fishing to thousands. In addition, Valley City welcomes visitors to the hatchery for a closeup view of the fish production process. Hiking, canoeing, fishing, birdwatching, picnicking, and photography continues to be a must of summer activities. The goose pond is a kids fishing pond and is an exclusive area attraction. The staff gives tours to various civic groups and has a traveling aquarium and video show that is taken to the larger fairs and shows within the state.

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