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Mujeres Valley Campground


This property was obtained around 60+ years ago via the Homestead Act by a family who we have become very close friends with. Over the last 60 years it's only been used sparingly as grazing land for cattle. Since we've obtained the land we've been focused on learning it's history from those who have been here the longest while also being proud BIPOC owners of land in this area. We've also connected with the original people's of this land who were here during the time the land was colonized. We've found ceremonial and everyday pottery, crystals, and underground caves throughout the surrounding properties which we own.

Over the last 2 years we've learned about the Redwoods that have been wiped out of the area and that the mountain is eroding quickly. It has become our mission to plant indigenous plants and trees that are extinct from the area, reviving the plant like, reviving the mountain and doing what we can to encourage the water table to rise! Our plans for the 12 acres the campground occupies is to add an outdoor shower that can be used all year, installing solar powered water heaters & bathrooms as well as establishing a community meeting space and a greenhouse where we can host gardening classes and provide fresh fruits and veggies in this food desert! This land is sacred and we intend to continue treating it as such!


Mujeres Valley Campground is located in New Mexico

Detail location of campground


Turn left onto Mujeres Ranch Road off the 117 Highway between the 4 and 5 mile marker. Take this dirt road for 3 miles, pass Crater Road and turn left on Mujeres Grande Road (going west and down in elevation, if you're not going down you took a wrong turn), take this for 1 mile and make a left on Mujeres Valley Road at the private road closure and make a left into the campground parking lot.


34.64061745154953 N
108.34386991549083 W

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