Evelyn R.

Berea, KY

Joined August 2018


Talk about an incredible place to visit. Washington is the definition of amazing hiking. The mountains are gorgeous, and the hiking views are hard to beat. The "North Cascades" is a little piece of heaven. The drive in it of itself was like no other drive we have ever done. I was in awe the entire time. The hiking here is beyond amazing. We did Blue Lake and I wanted to do it again the next day because of how amazing it was. Diablo Lake was incredible as well. The water was crystal ice blue. The pictures dont do it justice. The campgrounds on North Cascades were BOOKED! thankfully we reserved our spots ahead of time, reading other reviews that said to do this. There were no campsites available the weekend we went, it was crazy. We had to hike super early to beat the crowds, for sure. I definitely want to come back and do Hidden Lake Lookout, but we had our dog and someone said that wasnt the best hike to do with a young puppy. Maybe when our dog is older! The weather was perfect when we went as well. Clear blue skies!

Loved it!

Really enjoyed our stay here and our stay in Washington in general. Although the weather was iffy here the 3 weeks we were visiting, I would still recommend coming and visiting. Washington has some of the best hikes!! It did rain quite a bit which was a bummer, but we enjoyed our stay. We really liked this campground, and thought it would be a place we would come back and stay. We brought our RV all the way from Kentucky, and it fit perfectly in the campsite we got. We reserved our spot ahead of time, but we came in May so it wasn’t busy. We could have just come that day and got s spot, but I’m sure once summer hits it’s busy. We did some awesome hiking!!! Although it was foggy and rained on most of our hikes, we still loved every second of it. We also enjoyed some of the restaurants nearby and shopping about an hour away. Our dog loved hiking with his too!

Great place, fun hiking!

My family and I took a 3 week long trip to Washington and continued toward Whistler afterward. We did a ton of explore, camping and hiking. We stayed at this campground because there were a few hikes we wanted to do nearby. I believe they call it the i90 corridor? That’s what we read on the Washington hiking page. Which by the way, the WTA website was super helpful. Wish we had something similar back where I live. All Trails was helpful too. This campground was great, and fit our RV perfectly. We enjoyed our stay here. It was quite and clean. Our RV has a bathroom in it which is nice- there was only - bathroom in the campground, and it was pretty far from us so I’m glad we had one in our RV. The only downside was the rain. It rained 50% of the time we were in washington, and some of our hikes were FOGGY! Still fun and we enjoyed ourselves!


This area was absolutely gorgeous. We took a trip to Alabama a few summers ago to visit family, and decided to do some camping and hiking before we went home. The drive was beautiful. The campground itself is located right next to a lake- Demopolis Lake. We later learned that this lake is actually one of the largest lakes that is on the Black Warrior Tombigbee Waterway. Thought this was a cool fact. It was pretty hot, so having this lake was definitely great. There were tons of people out on the lake fishing, swimming, jet skiing and kayaking. There is a boat ramp too. There is also some really great hiking nearby, which we enjoyed in the morning. The hike we did had some amazing views of the Black Warrior River and McConnico Creek. Nothing like getting to the top of a hike and seeing lakes beneath you! The campground was great, and had everything we needed. There were about 40 campsites total, all set up with water hookups. There is a playground onsite, picnic table area, showers, and laundry! Most campgrounds don't off shower and laundry- so this would be a great place to visit if you plan to stay a few nights/weeks. Just FYI- there are gates which open at 6am and close at 10pm. Loved our stay here, and would definitely come back.

Wildflowers Galore!

Paducah is a cute little city in Kentucky that my family and I love to visit whenever we get the chance. The town is really cool, and has that "old" town vibe. The buildings are beautiful. There are actually a few campgrounds in this town, one of them "I-24." This campground has a country feel, and it more so for people who are traveling and making a pit stop to rest. There are a lot of RV's. There are quite a few beautiful rivers close by, and there are also 2 lakes nearby. We spent a whole day at the lake when we stayed. It was busy, but nice to be on the water. We saw people enjoying fishing, water tubing, water skiing and jet skiing. We also saw people on kayaks, which looked like a blast! There is a golf course nearby too, although we didn't enjoy this close amenity. One thing we did enjoy was hiking some of the trails nearby. We went late spring and the wildflowers were out in full effect. The colors of the flowers were gorgeous, and I couldn't help but take hundreds of pictures of these beautiful flowers. One of the hikes brought us to a point where we could see one of the lakes. It was magical. Also-side note, there is the "National Quilt Store" in the town, and of course we had to stop because my mom requested this. It was incredible how much fabric there was. If you are in to this, I would highly recommend stopping! The campground itself was "okay." It was a little run down, but since we were in our RV we didn't really notice it much. It was also pretty busy when we went, so I'm glad we made reservations ahead of time.


Maho Bay was my second favorite beach when visiting the Virgin Islands. It was beautiful but honestly anywhere in the VI is amazing! The water is gorgeous and clear. We did a hike in the morning that was nearby and ended up at Maho Bay in the afternoon after the hike. We got a great spot with trees for shade. Shade is key because it gets super muggy and hot in the afternoons!! The snorkeling at this beach was awesome! We saw some turtles which was my goal to see in the VI and we definitely saw our fair share. It’s so fun to try and find them and then swim along side them. The fish are beautiful as well. This beach is clean and fairly big, although I’d recommend going early to get a good spot. Bring food and lots of water!! We went through quite a few waters while being here for the day. Loved every second of being here and can’t wait to come back someday!!

THE best!!

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Virgin Islands I would highly recommend it. This place is magical. The water is crystal blue clear and the hiking here is amazing!! I would say half of the island is National Park which is super cool. I would recommend coming in the summer months because during the fall and winter is their hurricane seasons and it is crazy how impactful the hurricanes are. It’s super sad. We went in June and the weather was perfect. It is a little muggy here, so do your hiking early in the morning. Cinnamon Bay was one of my favorite beaches. We did tons of snorkeling and also did a scuba dive here (but farther off the beach). The waterlife is incredible, and of course the water is magical. We saw turtles, tons of beautiful fish and coral. No sharks, which I was glad. This beach was pretty busy, so I’m glad we got here early to get a good spot. Bring lots of snacks and water because there really isn’t a food place on the beach. We brought sandwiches from our rental house and tons of water and Gatorade. There are also a lot of chickens!! So many chickens walking everywhere. They weren’t really on the beach area, but definitely on the boardwalk areas. They were cute at first, but then just got annoying because they were everywhere. If you also have the chance, I’d recommend going over to the British Virgin Islands. It’s onky a boat ride away and it’s amazing!!!

An Okay Park

After spending 3 weeks in Kaui with my husband, touring lots of beaches and parks, I would say this one was probably my least favorite one. The waters were pretty rough so we Had to walk a ways to find a good spot to get in. We stayed by the beach and did some hiking around the area as well which was beautiful. We did eat at a restaurant that served some of the best fish and chips I’ve had. The hiking trails were also good nearby that had beautiful views of the ocean. The weather this day was super hot, probably the hottest day we had while being here. It did rain once for about 10 minutes and then stopped. We also noticed this beach wasn’t as busy as the others ones we went too. We went down the beach a little ways and found a place where the water wasn’t as rough and got in and did some snorkeling. We saw some really pretty fish!

Had a blast!

My husband and I toured Kaui for 3 weeks, so we were able to visit tons of parks and beaches. On our second week we came to Anahola Beach Park for the day and we really liked it. The waters in some areas were pretty rough so we stayed away from those areas. We did find some areas that had great calm waters that we were able to swim in and do some snorkeling. These areas though were really busy because everyone wanted to be in the water. One thing we noticed about this park was that there was quite a bit of trash on the sand area. We picked up a lot of trash and threw it away. I was surprised about this. There are also some great restaurants nearby. We ate at a Mexican place and it was super yummy, and great price. The weather was really nice when we came, although it was very muggy. I also must have been gotten bitten by some sand fleas here because the next morning I woke up and my ankles had a ton of bites on them. It got a little chilly in the afternoon, and also rained a bit. This is normally for Kaui l, though. Always be prepared and bring a jacket!

Loved it!

my husband and I really loved this beach. The swimming was great. Some areas the waters are a bit rough, but there are some great “ponds” of water that are calm and the best for snorkeling. There is public parking for free, bathrooms and some restaurants nearby. They also have areas up top where you can wash your sandy feet off in. I love when beaches have this because I don’t like dragging sand into my car and hotel. It was pretty windy in the afternoon so I’m glad I brought a light sweater for the afternoon. There was also life guards on duty which was awesome. Always makes me feel a little safer while in the waters. The snorkeling was incredible. Saw so many great fish and took lots of pictures! Highly recommend coming here.

What an incredible place

This place is an absolute dream. The scuba diving here is awesome, snorkeling is great, hiking is incredible and laying by the beach is magical. We spent most of our day by the beach and spent one morning scuba diving. Polihale State Park was one of our favorite places to visit. We did some scuba diving from the park, and it was incredible. The water life was spectacular. We saw so many beautiful fish, a shark, and tons of beautiful coral and plants. We loved everything about this park also. We spent the evening hanging out in the park, enjoying our dinner and watching the sunset. This park was very busy, and I understand why. There is some great restaurants and ice cream shops as well. Highly recommend getting ice cream and bringing it to the park. We loved every minute of being here and can’t wait to visit again.

Gorgeous place, great hikes

My family and I came here in the summer and enjoyed the warm weather, great hikes and family time. This campground was really nice, clean, and loved that it was easy to find and in a great location. The campsites had a table and a small fire ring that we used for making delicious s’mores. We spent hours in the evening around the campfire enjoying each other and making lots of s’mores. During the morning and day we ventured outside of the campground and did some hiking. There are some awesome hikes that have the best views! The only downside I would say about the campground was that we were only able to find 1 bathroom and it was a little walk away from our campsite. My mom hated this because she has to get up in the middle of the night and use the restroom, and didn’t want to walk alone at night. Also there was no water available in the campground so definitely bring your own! Overall, we enjoyed our time here and would definitely come back. There is also a lake about 30mins away that we went to one of the mornings. It was beautiful and a great little getaway.

Beautiful Lake

You can't beat having a lake next to you while you are camping. This is something my family and I always look for when we are camping. Water is always a great place to entertain the kids and family. The lake here is great, although it was pretty busy when we went. It was in the summer, so I understand and expected it to be busy. We saw people fishing, swimming, boating, tubing, and kayaking. I really wish there was a place nearby to rent kayaks because that looked like a blast. Next time we will definitely bring our own. The campground was good, pretty generic, but clean. Each campsite had its own table and fire pit. Although when we were there, the fire ban was on so we couldn't build a fire- which is understandable. It would have been too hot for a fire, anyways. We stopped at the first grocery store we found before heading to the campground to buy snacks and water. Thankfully we bought water because they didn't have water at the campground. We also really enjoyed some hikes nearby that had the best views. We did a few hikes in the morning that were only a few miles long, and didn't take us long to get there. Within driving distance of the campground. The bugs were out in full effect, so definitely bring spray if you plan to hike. There was some waterfalls and standing water on the hikes and the mosquitos were around this area. The weather was great while we were here, but we applied sunscreen like crazy especially when we were by the lake. The cost was fairly cheap, $12 a night.

Had a blast!

One of my favorite things is when my family travels to go camping. I love seeing what other states have to offer when it comes to camping and the outdoors. I love camping and hiking in the Tennessee area. This campground definitely didn't disappoint. Here are a few things I loved about this campground:

  1. Big campsite spaces! This is always a perk. We love having space from our neighbors!
  2. Fire pit and picnic table in campsite. We love making smores, so having a fire pit is always a must! We brought our own fire wood, but we did see a grocery store that you could buy fire wood if you don't have your own
  3. Great hikes! This is always a must for my family. We always do our research ahead of time to find the best campgrounds that have hiking nearby. The views were great, and I love how green everything was.
  4. Clean
  5. Water nearby! Great for swimming and cooling off

Some things we didn't like were:

  1. Other campers were a bit loud/playing music. This is something we or the campground can't control.
  2. Not much shade
  3. Bathrooms were a bit of a walk from our campsite.

All in all we had a blast staying here. We would definitely come back and stay here. It was also pretty cheap. I believe it was $10 a night. Better than a hotel :)

Great place to visit

My family and I have visited this campground once. Although I think there are better places to camp in Kentucky, we definitely enjoyed ourselves. I think it's about WHO you are with and not WHERE you are. My family has a great time anywhere we are. The one downside to this place was that it was pretty close to the road, so I felt like we could hear all the traffic. The campsites are a little small as well, but we didn't mind. Each campsite has a fire ring and a small picnic table. We found it a little hard to nail down our tent as well. It was a little rocky, so we had to remove the rocks under the tent and use a hammer to get the tent to stay. We enjoyed hiking and some "nature walks." There are so many different birds around that it was fun to bird watch- although I have never done this before! The paths are clear and well marked for hiking. The views were great as well, and the weather was perfect when we went. There is a grocery store right down the road that we stopped at before we got there and loaded up on snacks, water, and stuff to make smores. There isn't much shade, just FYI. We brought some umbrellas which helped. We also brought our hammocks, but there wasn't any trees in our campsite to hook them up. We did bring them on our hikes and were able to put them up and eat some lunch. Another downside is that because the spaces are small, the people next to us were a little loud and stayed up pretty late so we didn't get much sleep. We understand that the summer months can be busy, which means campgrounds are packed. Highly recommend reserving your spot ahead of time.

Love this place

My family and I really enjoy coming here in the summer. We bring our RV and stay in one of the RV campsites. You can actually rent and RV there which is something I’ve never heard of. The RVs they have to rent are nice, with a kitchen and can sleep 4 people. I believe it costs $75 to rent this one. They also have a bigger one that sleeps 6 people and that one is $85 a night. I mean if you are going with some couples you could split that and it would be super cheap! You can reserve a spot online. Each site has a fire pit and picnic table. There is also propane filling stations. You can also bring your dogs to this campsite which was great for us because we have 2 dogs. The river is close which is awesome and great for swimming. No life guards on duty. We really enjoyed hiking at a few places nearby. I would recommend on going on a hike! The views are so gorgeous!!