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About Paiute Wilderness Area

The 87,900-acre Paiute Wilderness, several miles southwest of St. George, Utah, dominates the northwest portion of the Arizona Strip. It is separated from the Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness to the north by Interstate 15. The Virgin Mountains form the backbone of this area rising over 5,600 feet from the desert floor. Mt. Bangs, the highest peak in the area at 8,012 feet, provides a commanding view of the area and the Basin and Range country to the west. Part of the wilderness is in the Arizona Strip Field Office and part in the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument. The area's vegetation varies, ranging from ponderosa on top of Mt. Bangs, through pinyon forests, to scrub oak and sagebrush, and at the area's perimeter, Joshua trees, yucca and barrel cactus. These ecotypes host over 250 animal species including mule deer, mountain lion, desert bighorn sheep and desert tortoise. The deep canyons have several beautiful and secret places with water which attract campers and backpackers.

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Paiute Wilderness Area is located in Arizona
36.8066 N
-113.8189 W
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2 Reviews of Paiute Wilderness Area
Plenty of isolated locations 5 mins off interstate Hw

If you are pulling a trailer and looking for a quick stop off the interstate you’re in luck. Furthermore if you want to take a van, truck, or car in further you can. In my typical fashion we don’t like to camp too close to others and we were able to do this in spectacular fashion. By driving past the mining operation you will find yourself on a less maintained road (having multi-ply tires is nice), from there you can take the road hours in or even for 5 minutes and find a quiet unique camping spot.

We ended up camping about 10-15 minutes away from the freeway with an awesome view of mesquite in the distance.

When it rains watch your step the ground will get muddy and there is a chance of having strong wind gusts.

First to Review
Fantastic Boondock Spots Everwhere

An abundance of boondock spots abound. Some of the roads are rough and were a but strong for our little campervan yet it was well worth it. There are dozens of trails to explore and access to VOF state park is easy. I had been wearing Coleman boots but found them to be too hot already for this trip so have switched to Fila. Let you know how that goes. Highly recommend heading towards Beaver Dam and Littlefield Falls (Little Jamaica) near the AZ/NV/UT area. It's about 10 miles up the 15 from Mesquite. The trek in is a bit plain and dry though you see a lot of desert wildlife. The way down to the river and falls is a bit scary to look at but we did do it after we put the camera away as you will not have a grip on the unit as you need both hands to descend/ ascend. There is a path up/down also. The place is actually on private property so be cool and there is an overpass right above the site. The traffic noise is a bummer yet still worth the trip.

There is a cool little dive bar near beaver dam you must hit. We also stayed at Oasis RV in mesquite. Weird reservation process as it is actually part of Casablanca Resort. Clean, not too much shade, great showers/laundry. 20 bucks for full hook up. This spot is good if you need a laundry day break from boondocking. Pool was nice. Not a must see but ok.