Miles T.

Kalispell , MT

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Plenty of isolated locations 5 mins off interstate Hw

If you are pulling a trailer and looking for a quick stop off the interstate you’re in luck. Furthermore if you want to take a van, truck, or car in further you can. In my typical fashion we don’t like to camp too close to others and we were able to do this in spectacular fashion. By driving past the mining operation you will find yourself on a less maintained road (having multi-ply tires is nice), from there you can take the road hours in or even for 5 minutes and find a quiet unique camping spot.

We ended up camping about 10-15 minutes away from the freeway with an awesome view of mesquite in the distance.

When it rains watch your step the ground will get muddy and there is a chance of having strong wind gusts.

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Toilets stocked with Tp, plenty of camping spots

After leaving mesquite at 1 am and desperately searching for a near by place to camp we came to this location. It was a great find!! As we showed up there were people having a bonfire and drinking whiskey so we fit in well. There are multiple camping areas along the road and areas where you can park, turn around, and or park trailers.

This is a popular Jeep/UTV terrain area, but we still managed to hike up one of the nearby mountains before leaving at noon. If you can try and drive in before nighttime to find a prime location.

One of the camping areas had toilets stocked with Tp #coronavirus.

It was very pleasant

There is a state rec area for day use only. However, there is also a quant trailer park/ campground right behind it. If your looking for a good place to shack up for the night I would highly recommend this place. I parked there with a RTT on my truck and had a few łocals asking me about it. There is plenty of shade as well as a park to be at during the day time. There was a $25-37 overnight fee and showers. For extended stay I’m sure there’s negotiating room. Also SHOWERS!!!