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Burrells Ford campground is open year round with no charge. A pit toilet and picnic tables are available. Walk .25 miles to camp on the Chattooga River.

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Burrells Ford is located in South Carolina
34.969 N
-83.1181 W
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11 Reviews of Burrells Ford
Popular But Fun

I've been camping at Burrells Ford since I was a small child. During peak season (summer, Spring Break) it will be slightly crowded, but there's usually still room to camp and it doesn't normally get rowdy or loud. Fishing will of course be inhibited when it's crowded, but otherwise its a good spot to fish. 

Pit toilets are fairly well maintained and the sites are almost always clean and free of debris. Camp sites are a short walk down a clear road from the main parking area for those who prefer to carry things in or those who have visitors to their campsite. 

If there has been a lot of camper traffic, it will be difficult to find firewood. Firewood is available to purchase all along the road on the way to Burrells Ford from individuals and stores. 

The other side of the river is a much rougher trail, not an official campsite at all. However, there are some areas that other campers have cleared out for camping if you don't mind a more strenuous and brushy hike in to your camping area and you prefer a little more privacy and seclusion. Just be sure to follow local regulations for camping in these areas as far as cleanliness, fire safety, and distance from the water.

Great as long as it's not spring break

I've stayed here on two separate backpacking trips. Sites are ok for car camping but awesome for backpacking. Good trout fishing. Lots of hiking, including the Foothills and Chattooga River trails. I've heard it gets overrun with spring breakers. Both times I've been there, there were few other campers. If you are going to drive here, keep in mind it is at least a couple hundred yards from the parking area to the nearest camp sites. The best sites are along the river toward the back of the campground. There are other good sites on King Creek to your left as you enter the campground. The pit toilet in the parking area tends to be better maintained than the one in the campground.

Ranger Review: Gregory Women's Jade 53 in Mayan Teal on the East Fork Trail

Trail/Campground Review:

The East Fork trail at the end of Burrells Ford is quite an easy trail!  It's 2.5 miles one way from either end of the Chattooga Picnic Area adjacent to the Walhalla Fish Hatchery and at the end of Burrells Ford and following the Chattooga River.  The terrain is at times muddy with the natural streams cutting through, rocky with the many river rock stones lieing around, and just good ol' natural dirt.  There were some hard spots from fallen trees we had to travel over, and at one moment i thought i would tip over by the weight of my bag - but everything stayed put!

The Burrells Ford has several different camping options… you can drive in and park and hike a small bit to a spot near the river (this parking lot has a community pit toilet), you could go past that to the trail head where you park on the side of the road and hike in to MANY hiking spots off the trail (just stay on established trails!), or you could follow the road through and find several pull off drive in camp sites along the road.

We choose the hike in and we didn't have to hike far before we found out perfect camping spot on the river.  After looking over the area we set up camp and got our fire started for the many meals we had packed in (one thing is for sure camp food is the best!!).  We tried our hand at some fishing but the fish just wasn't biting that day - maybe some other time.

A little backpacking tip for those looking for cheap DIY fire starters: cardboard egg crates, dryer lint, and candle wax. it's still the same concept as the toilet paper rolls stuffed with dryer lint, but you're using the egg crate as your holder. Granted it won't burn the same as the original but it's still great for starting fires!

It was just so perfectly peaceful!

Product Review:

As a ranger for The Dyrt, I get to test out new gear that I might find useful for my upcoming trip.  For my trip I purchased the Gregory Women's Jade 53 in Mayan Teal.  This bag couldn't have been more perfect!  It was just the right size in size XS/SM for me.  I'm 5'6" tall and probably about 140 pounds give or take.  I've provided a photo to show how it sits on me.

I loved how the whole inside of the bag is just one large opening that can be accessed from THREE different points= top, middle, and bottom.  A bonus feature I didn't know of until I started to pack is that there is a detachable shelf that will separate the bottom section from the rest of the bag but still remain accessible if needed. This came in handy as I was able to keep my shoes separate from my spare clothes. 

Another thing I really loved was the many pockets and straps and bungees that were easy to put stuff in and strap on.  Nothing fell off even as I was hitting branches!!

My husband is very jealous right now and is searching for his own very soon!!

Most memorable site I've ever stayed in

I stayed here in spring of 2007, when I was a boy scout. The campsite was ideal, as we were backpacking Rabun bald. The view of the Chatooga was perfect, and I've often wanted to go back.

Sumter national forest is so beautiful

Such a beautiful place to camp, fish and hike! They have hike in campsite in the park as well as the trail and even secluded drive-in campsites. Only downfall is that it's becoming a little too popular with teens (and/or immature adults). We've been there on a few occasions where there's been an issue of loud noises, illegal hunting, and bags of trash being left behind. please take care of our parks!

Awsome camp site in the middle of nowhere

I did not camp here yet. I start my hike here. Have to say I can not wait to camp here. It is a bit of a walk down a rode to get here and saw a Father and son taking there stuff down with a hand truck which is a very good idea. So you can either backpack it in or take a wagon to take your stuff in. Nice sites by the river and lots of secluded sites.

Free campground, Picnic table/firepit/trash dropoff, Great spot!

My husband and I ventured to Burrells Ford Campground after finding it online. In typical us-fashion, we arrived just as it was getting dark and the parking lot was very full. We asked a fellow camper the best route to get to the campsites and she gave 3 options - 1) Hike a mile in using the trail directly behind the welcome sign which would ensure us the highest likelihood of getting an open campsite, 2) Hike the trail up ahead which was shorter but likely had no open spots, 3) Drive up the road, park along the road and hike in to try to get a spot in that area. We were now under the impression that there were three site areas. We decided to take the longer route so we could get to a site faster…

After a mile hike carrying all our stuff with our dog, on a narrow root filled path, we ended up picking a flat spot along the river…not thinking we'd make it to an actual spot that night. We set up shop and ate some dinner. Our dog seemed ansy to walk a bit more, so we took her and not more than .25 miles further opened up to a gravel road…and what was just across the road? An open site with all the amenities! We carried all our stuff of, had a fire and relaxed the rest of the evening. We woke up the next day to find tons of open spots!! We hiked to a beautiful waterfall the next morning (we passed signs along the way the night before), and ventured back to our car. We took the other trail after we got back to the parking lot to see how close those campsites were… .25 easy miles later, we arrived to our very own campsite that we slept the night before…

SO! All that to say, take the trail with the gravel road and gate in front of it. The hike is easy and there are lots of spots available. Live and ya learn I guess! Definitely made for a memorable adventure, as they always are. :)

Great Place to camp

We love camping here!

Great Private Campsites on the river.

Great for swimming and Hammocking!

Good river access for trout fishing

Good amount of camping with a short hike in. Sites are right on the Chatooga River. This river is stocked with trout. Fishing license is required but both SC and GA are acceptable as the river is the state line. Short hike to King Creek Falls.