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About Nmi Village
National Park Service
Nmi Village is located in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan
45.1281 N
-85.9776 W
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North Manitou by Ferry
 Starting off with the ferry ride that leaves from Leland, MI was a pleasure created with smiling faces from the crew. What better way to start than a ride on Lake Michigan, a dream in itself. A 40 minute ride across to North Manitou island with views of the South Island. 
 Once on the Island it's up to you. Choose one of many trails to explore and distance is your choice to one of the many outback camps. The choice is yours, stay in one of the near by  camps close to the ferry dock or explore several miles around the island. Explore an inland lake or camp on one of the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan and dream of schooners passing by, possibly catching sight of one of the many freighter ships passing by in the shipping lanes past the island. 
 Your views are endless opportunities of    woods, old farm fields, or possibly an settlers orchard with remains of one of the farms throughout the island. 
 At night your possibilities of hearing coyotes in the distance are good. By day you can see animals ranging from chipmunks to one of the many whitetail deer that roam the island. 
  No motor vehicles, or other loud machinery makes for a secluded escape into the northern Michigan nighttime sky's. 
 Bring plenty of food and weather gear as you never know what Northern Michigan can bring as far as storms. The ferry doesn't run if the weather is to grieve for safety so you never know if you could be on the island for a few days. I highly recommend this adventure for anyone who has out backed camped and has some type of experience in the outdoors as you may need to find alternative water and or food if a storm brews. Come prepared.
 My 7 year old son and I hiked the island and loved the adventurous feeling of the unknown.