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About Walls of Jericho - Clark Cemetery Backcountry Campsite

There are hiking trails and horse trails. Both lead into the gorge. A tent-only, primitive camping area is available at the bottom of the gorge not far from the Walls of Jericho natural amphitheater.

The hike is about 3.5 miles in length, one way, and is downhill most of the route into the gorge. That, of course, means the walk back will be mostly uphill. It is a strenuous hike, so visitors should wear comfortable shoes and take plenty of water and snacks. The trail is well marked but often is muddy for days after a rain shower. Several streams have to be crossed, so plan on getting wet. Be advised that stream levels rise quickly during thunderstorms and crossing them can be hazardous in swift water. Plan on a minimum of six hours to make the round trip, which includes a two-hour stay in the gorge.

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Walls of Jericho - Clark Cemetery Backcountry Campsite is located in Alabama
34.9848 N
-86.0961 W
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From Nashville take I-24 east toward Chattanooga. Take exit 127 on Highway 64 and turn toward Winchester. Stay on Highway 64 for about 19 miles and turn south on Highway 16. Just after crossing into Alabama, look on the right for a gravel parking area with a yellow gate and an information kiosk. Park there and follow directions on the map at the trailhead. This is the Alabama trailhead, and it affords the shortest route into the Walls of Jericho.
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Clark Cemetery

The Clark Cemetery campsite is a moderate sized campsite along the Walls of Jericho trail and is located just yards from the Clark Cemetery and the Turkey Creek Bridge. The site is approximately 3.1 miles from the Alabama hikers trailhead parking lot. The campsite is level and large enough to accommodate many tents. There are also many trees that would be suitable for hammock camping. You can choose from a shaded space to a sunny space depending on which side of the site you set up on. I counted at least six fire rings at this site, so multiple groups could be accommodated. With the very close proximity to the Clark Cemetery (a 1800’s family cemetery) I imagine the campfire stories could be very entertaining. 

This is backcountry camping so plan appropriately (no bathroom, pack it in- pack is out). We found no cell phone service with Verizon at this site. Water can be sourced from Turkey Creek if it is flowing, but should be treated/filtered (on this visit Turkey Creek was pretty dry after a very dry summer, but Hurricane Creek is just a short walk away).

Walls of Jericho

Great trail! Easy to follow with several great camping spots along the way.

Great location after a fun short hike

Primitive site with access to running water and short hike to falls with pool to take a dip in in the early spring and fall.

My Favorite place to camp

Easy hike in , Down hill the entire way

Hard hike out, DUH ! Up hill the entire way…

Beautiful view at the bottom, remote camp site, Hike in only, plenty of places to hang a hammock, water available, bring a filter…

Awesome natural amphitheater

We had a great time. We got there on a Sunday and pretty much had the place to ourselves. Though on Monday we had a lot of company. We camped at the bottom of the canyon below the amphitheater. In September the water level was low and the waterfalls were not flowing. But there is a spring that runs out of a cave on a cliff to the left of the amphitheater, so water is not an issue. I think hammock camping is best for this location. The ground is very rocky. So, unless you want to camp at the beginning of the trail, finding a place to pitch a tent is difficult.

The trail is full of swithbacks. There are tree markers on the trail to mark the turns but at times they are easy to lose. There are also some random trees marked that are not on the trail. So watch out for that. The hike out is much tougher than the way in, so pack light.

The place is also littered with crawfish so if you are into that kind of thing it is possible to catch your dinner.

Secluded & Beautiful!

It’s a bit of a lengthy walk to get back to the campsite from the trailhead, but it’s absolutely worth it. The campground is flat & has enough room for a couple tents. There are also good trees for hanging hammocks & clotheslines. There are two fire pits so you can have your pick depending on where you set up camp. The trail itself is amazing! It is pretty strenuous & has uneven ground in some areas, but it’s nothing that a moderately experienced hiker can’t handle. Every step of the trail is worth the destination because the waterfall is glorious & so is the cave which houses the spring. This is easily one of my favorite places I’ve ever camped!

Nice fire-pit, tree coverage and open space.

I loved this site! A great way to end the day after hiking 7 miles in the Walls of Jericho. The night we stayed there there ended up being a thunderstorm but we were able to have really good coverage under the canopy of trees that were at the site. Would totally come back to this site!

Secluded and Spectacular

A little bit of a hike in but totally worth it. Close by the creek and close to the Walls. Super peaceful and super beautiful

Fun Primitive Camping for Backpackers

We stayed in a rather primitive site that was very large and perfect for our big group. We were able to spread out so that each tent comfortably has their own space, but close enough to share a large central campfire. There is plenty of hiking to do in this area. The rock formations are truly beautiful and fairly unique to this camping area. When its hot out, there are places to go for a swim and wash/cool off. It is also dog friendly. One thing to note: the campsite is not immediately at the parking lot so you will have to hike/carry your belongings almost an hour before getting to the site. Be cautious of weather because the trail can get fairly muddy if it has rained in the area in recent days

Great backpacking

The walls of Jericho are an incredible site to see if you are willing to make the backpacking adventure to them. The hike in takes only about an hour and is all downhill. Park at either the Alabama or the Tennessee trailhead (make sure not to park at the horse trailhead earlier on the road) and descend down into the canyon. When you reach the bottom of the trail and cross a river there are several campgrounds that you can set up at. After getting settled keep following the trail back into the canyon and you will get to the first waterfall/pool. Don't stop there though cause the real view is the waterfall at the back of the canyon that takes a little scrambling to get to. While there recently with my wife we spent 2 nights camping at the horse campground and spent our full day doing a loop hike into Tennessee. The only thing you have to be cautious of is it can get pretty muddy if it has rained heavy recently. I would suggest going in spring cause that is when everything is blooming and so beautiful.