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About Cedar Bloom

Our beautiful forested land is located in Southern Oregon in the small town of Cave Junction off the 199 Redwood Highway. The land which we call home is 100 acres of beautiful protected forest. The land Cedar Bloom sits upon a mile of the Illinois River. Each June we host over 1,000 women to the land for the Annual Spirit Weavers Gathering! This is our home and we are happy to share it with you!  The river is just a few min walk down to our own private beach and swimming. The camp is also just a 3 minute walk to the lands pristine swimming hole. These A-Frame Cabins are super cozy at 1000sf with an additional deck that is great for yoga or napping. The cabins include two twin size mattresses and linen bedding. This camp is a 1 minute walk to the main house, private commercial kitchen, cute compost toilet, shower house and sauna. These cabins are ideal for two people. The front part of the cabin can be closed off or opened up to the elements. Since one side of the cabin is clear you can see in a bit but can also drape something over for more privacy. The reason for the clear side to is allow for the feeling of sleeping right outside amongst nature.  Cedar Bloom has available power and cell phone service. Cell phone service works great if you have AT&T or Verizon. Internet is limited but is available.We have several giant meadows with thousands of trees surrounding. We are right on the Illinois River with a mile of river frontage and 3 incredible swim spots. It's a great place to come and recharge and renew. We are surrounded by beautiful scenery in all directions!  We are close to the Redwoods, The Oregon Caves and so much more. We are close to major cities such as Grants Pass, Medford, Crescent City and Ashland.  MORE ABOUT CEDARBlOOM… Cedar Bloom was purchased in the spring of 2017 by Spirit Weavers Gathering as a place of peace and healing, for all walks of life. Spirit Weavers is an annual womens gathering which happens once a year each June. We host over 1,000 women in just two weeks on the land. We are located on the Illinois River just outside Cave Junction, Oregon. Our Main House was built in 1962 and retains the flavor of the 60’s with a beautiful Mid Century Modern feel. It houses a kitchen, dining hall, a living room, five bedrooms and three bathroom with a bathtub. It currently houses Agustin and Mea and their seven year old daughter Naia. Grateful to be voted#1 Staff choice for Campground on Hipcamp this year!  FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE OF THE ILLINOIS VALLEY For thousands of years, the Takelma people lived in the Illinois and Rogue River valleys, what is now known as Josephine County. They lived in small bands close to the land. Interior southwest Oregon has pronounced seasons and the ancient Takelma adapted to these seasons by spending spring, summer and early fall months collecting and storing food for the winter season. Salmon was central to their food source and way of life. The salmon diet was supplemented by game, such as deer, elk, beaver, bear, antelope and bighorn sheep. Smaller mammals, such as squirrels, rabbits and gophers, might have been snared by both men and women. They gathered the root of the Camas plant, part of the asparagus family, as well as acorns from the two native species of Oaks, the Oregon white oak and California black oak. Other vegetation included manzanita berries, pine nuts, tarweed seeds, wild plums and sunflowers. The Takelma are also known to have cultivated a native tobacco plant, but otherwise relied on the fruits of the wilderness for their survival. The main utensils included horn, bone and wood-made implements and a great variety of baskets constructed generally by twining on a hazel warp. Stone was used in the making of arrowheads and pestles. The clothing and personal adornment of the Takelma was similar to the tribes of northern California. Notable characteristics include facial painting, red-headed woodpecker scalps for men and basket caps for women. The women also tattooed the skin in three stripes and men tattooed the left arm. European Settlement of the Illinois Valley began by the 1830’s, as the gold and logging industries developed. By the end of 1856, the traditional residents of the Rogue and Illinois River valleys were forcibly removed and relocated to the Siletz Reservation on the central Oregon coast. The Takelma were joined on the reservations by their neighbors, the Athapaskans and the Shasta, as well as tribes from even farther away, such as the Coos and Tillamook. It is reported that by 1906 less than ten Takelma were alive and able to speak their native language.In 1994, for the first time in over 140 years, an ancient ceremony took place to welcome home and give thanks for the returning salmon, on the Kanaka Flats of the Applegate River. People of all heritages were welcomed at the annual Salmon Gathering on the Applegate River until 2006. In 2007, the ceremony was moved to the place where it was held for thousands of years: the Tilomikh(Powerhouse Falls), on the Rogue River near Gold Hill, Oregon. Since then, the ceremony has taken place annually in its traditional location, demonstrating that the Takelma culture is alive and will continue into the future. Today, Takelma descendents continue to reside on or near the Siletz and Grand Ronde reservations. The Pilgrims brought back the Salmon Ceremony to Southern Oregon. Due to the Pilgrim’s contribution in returning the Salmon Ceremony to Jackson County, Agnis Baker-Pilgrim is known to some locals as the‘Keeper of the Sacred Salmon Ceremony. Agnes, one of the oldest grandmothers of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, has returned to the Rogue Valley and today her voice can be heard strong and clear, proving that the spirit and blood of her people are still with us.  PLANT& ANIMAL RELATIONS We are very fortunate to be surrounded by a widely diverse population of flora and fauna. As caretakers of this sacred land, we feel a strong responsibility to honor our plant and animal allies by not only protecting them and their habitat, but also to help educate others about what lives and grows here by providing people with opportunities to experience the beauty of these plants and animals for themselves. For this reason, We are honored to host the many different groups who will gather here on this land for learning and communing with the nature that flourishes here. We feel very fortunate to be involved in this process of helping promote a sustainable and abundant future for all living things on this planet by sharing knowledge and skills from the human past that can make a sustainable lifestyle a reality for everyone everywhere. The animals here include, but are not limited to deer, foxes, coyote, raccoon, skunks, and sometimes black bear though we havent seen any yet! The birds that surround us are migratory geese, quail, wild turkeys, hawks, ospreys and eagles. The fish that call the Illinois River their home are the Salmon People, Steelhead& Trout along with their friends the otter and ducks. The Land is a no-hunting zone so the animals here are abudant and safe. The plant life here is incredibly diverse. This land is home to many native grasses, ferns, and berries, wild flowers, as well as many other edible and medicinal plants and fungi such as mugwort, self-heal, soap root, and a variety of mushrooms. The tree population is a blend of hardwoods like Manzanita, Madrone, and several kinds of Oaks along with mature Fir, Pine, Cedar trees, Alder, Maple and Apples. With special attention to management of non-native and invasive plants, Spirit Weavers is committed to maintaining a well balanced forest ecosystem with high biodiversity. TIMES Please clean up and check out of your site by 12:am on the day of your departure. You can check in by 2:pm on the day of your arrival.  CLIMATE& THE ILLINOIS VALLEY Cedar Bloom holds the heart during the summer. Temps can range from 75-95 during the day and generally cools down to the 70's during the evenings. Swimming in the summer months is delicious. We have mostly pebbly beaches and a jagged rock and sand beach right where the Swimming hole is. The river is chilly until late June and it cools down again in late September.  NEIGHBORS There is another campground right next door but since we have 100 acres, you never really see a soul besides us! Please use our pathways to travel property next to us, and respect the privacy and tranquility of our neighbors by not keeping late hours or playing loud music.  EMERGENCIES If someone needs to reach you in an emergency, Cell phones work great on the land. If you don't get service and need to contact someone our land phones are available.  SHOWER HOUSE& SAUNA We have twelve showers total. The first shower house is open showering with 4 showers and the 2nd shower house has 8 stalls. You are also welcome to use the sauna throughout your stay.  COMPOST TOILET The"Honeydew Station" is our two chamber composting toilet. It looks like a tiny house and you will see it on your right as you drive in. Instructions are inside!  FOOD& WATER Please bring your own food to camp. Town is close so if you need to run errands to grab food its a short drive away. All of our water is on a well and is super clean and ran through a UV light. Please keep food and garbage out of the reach and smell of animals so we don’t have animal visitors at night.  GARBAGE If you pack it in, please pack it out when you leave.  FIRES Depending on the time of year, cooking fires are permissible in the fire pits provided. June-Sept there can sometimes be fire bans in the county. Please NO bonfires. We have fire wood in the forest around the meadow for use for cooking fires but please bring your own wood to the land. We also have wood available for purchase in the Camp Store.  PETS If you must bring your pet, please message us before hand. We ask that you clean up after your pup while here. We have doggie bags in the camp store.  THE RIVER & SWIMMING HOLES We have a mile of river frontage and there is tons of space for all. Keiki Beach located down the trail from the sauna is the more shallow and flatter part of the river. This is a great spot for families and doggies! Mermaid Rock which is located down the trail to your left of the main house is our large swimming hole with deeper waters. This part of the river is clothing optional. Please be aware of the rocks down at Mermaid Rock& Dock. The rocks are tricky to walk on for both adults and especially children. Please keep your eyes on your children at all times while at the river. Feel free to bring rafts to play on.  CAMP STORE If you happen to forget anything we have a camp store that is located in the main meadow. The Camp store sells everything from supplies to books and trinkets. If you text Mea she can meet you there anytime.  GRATITUDE We feel honored to be stewards of this land. One of our main visions for this land is to protect its cultural and environmental heritage. We are excited to share about the native food forest we will be cultivating for the local community and beyond. We will also be placing the land into a conservation trust so no logging or future development can occur. For the many years to come, we will explore the ways can live in harmony with the natural world for the greater good of people and the plants and animals we depend on. We welcome you to Cedar Bloom!  FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE LAND AND EVENTS HERE, PLEASE VISIT CEDAR BLOOM FARM & THE SPIRIT WEAVERS GATHERING WEBSITE OR ON INSTAGRAM @cedarbloomfarm @spiritweavers @daughterofthesun_

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Cedar Bloom is located in Oregon
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7 Reviews of Cedar Bloom
You get what you pay for.

Cedar Bloom is a hippie loving oasis. Start your morning with a shower over looking the river or enjoy the zen sauna. The commune kitchen has everything you need to make a great meal. Cedar Bloom feels like an utopia.

A Sanctuary to Restore

I've never been to land more beautiful than this place - as soon as I arrived, I felt a sense of arriving home. A place to completely relax. There are 2 areas with river access, a shallow area and a deep swimming hole, with the option to float down some mild (and fun!) rapids. The children running around were so happy here - it feels like a safe place to be, tucked away in a private area of Cave Junction. During my stay, there were beautiful fresh flowers that decorated all the main areas. There are 2 shower houses, one which has an incredible view of the river. The shower water was hot and refreshing, it was so special to know the water came directly from the river. It felt so healing. The communal kitchen was perfect for prepping breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and the staff was sanitizing all the commonly touched areas. The composting toilets were a cool touch knowing that our 'waste' would soon become a gardening resource again one day. The tea house was a perfect place to catch some shade on hot sunny days. The women's gathering they host here is also so inspiring! I imagine many women pass through this place feeling grounded and nourished afterward. Highly recommend!

Piece of Paridise

Camp site is amazingso beautiful and such peaceful surroundings.    Owners were so helpful and nice.  Communication was exceptional and they were very helpful with our questions.  The river is so refreshing and fun such a wonderful bonus.  The available kitchen was very nice and clean. The whole experience was so relaxing and very rejuvenating.   Would highly recommend this hidden gem and can't wait to go back.

Horrible Horrible Horrible

Cute Photos- Bad service- they will leave you high and dry after booking and confirming a reservation they book a wedding and cancel the other people because they can make more money how is this at all ok… be warned stay away unless u want to be left high and dry with no place to stay…


Do not Book here they will leave you high and dry and cancel your reservations  after taking a deposit to book a wedding because they want to make more moeny---very shady business and very unethical…


 IF I could put a negative star I would……I don't post reviews but this I feel I must.. I communicated with Mae a number of times to confirm a reservation, she emailed and confirmed then I booked on Hipcamp and she confirmed.  took our deposit then a week later sends me a cancelation and says the booked a wedding so she needs to cancel out two cabin reservation. seriously after all the communication and confirmation emails.  I am now left high and dry in the middle of a cross country trip planned because she could make more money.. I am a business owner and I would never do business like this especially when I know travel is involved,  horrible business owner and it shows they and hip camp do not care about their clients and will leave them high and dry… DO NOT BOOK WITH CEDAR BLOOM great photos but the business is shady and simple unkind and no conscience…

First to Review
Best slice of Heaven in Southern Oregon!

This unique campground has everything you need! A hidden treasure!