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About Missoula Lake
National Forest
Not Reservable
Missoula Lake is located in Montana
47.06 N
-115.115 W
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3 Reviews of Missoula Lake
Beautiful and conveniently located!

We participated in the Cotopaxi Questival and had an amazing time.

Such a beautiful lake and great hikes!

Missoula Lake is honestly so pretty. In the mornings I would hang in my hammock, drink my coffee, and just enjoy the scenery. I love being able to just relax and get away from the craziness of school and work and come to places like this. The campground is awesome, well kept and maintained, and it does have your basic amenities. Our campsite had a fire ring pit, and nearby there was a picnic table. However, we had to share that picnic table with a few other people nearby, which was fine. My friends and I also really enjoyed going hiking. There is a hike very close by that the campground ranger told us about and recommended to us. I think he recommended this hike to everyone that weekend because it was SO busy. That was fine with us, but we did have to step aside a lot on our way down to allow the people coming up to go. The views at the top were amazing, and I loved seeing Missoula Lake from the top. It looked so little compared to when you are right down with it. Other than hiking and enjoying my hammock time, we didn't really do anything more. There were some people fishing, but we didn't bring any fishing gear. Although we didn't much, it was still a great relaxing weekend!

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Crystal Clear Gorgeous Lake!!

What a beautiful spot to camp. My friends and I came here as a celebration of our Sophomore year of college ending. It was the perfect time to come because the flowers were blooming, the weather was warming up, and it wasn't too busy. We brought a few kayaks, stand up paddle boards and our swim suits. We enjoyed early mornings on lake. It was so peaceful and relaxing. We stayed 3 nights, and a few of those mornings we had the whole lake to ourselves…Or it felt like it, anyways! The views and scenery were indescribable. Mountains, trees, blooming colorful flowers, and the crystal clear lake were some of the amazing things I noticed while being on the lake. It definitely was just what I needed after finishing up an extremely hard semester and killer finales. The campground is located in the beautiful Lolo National Forest. My friends and I also did some hiking, and took in the views of the mountains all around us. There is just something about getting higher in elevation and seeing things from a birds eye view. We hiked the Stateline Trail, which seemed to be pretty popular when I researched hikes around the area before we went. From the research I did, apparently this trail separates Montana and Idaho- although once we got to the top, I wasn't sure at which direction or point that state line actually separated. From the top, we saw gorgeous views of Missoula Lake. When we were down by the lake (or on the lake kayaking), the lake seemed so big. But when we got to the top, the lake actually didn't seem so big. We also saw neighboring mountains (although we didn't know the names of them), and so many trees! It was a perfect clear day, which made the views that much better. The campground really wasn't anything THAT special. It was just a typical campground with all the basics. We made the most of it, and hung our hammocks, made a fire, and roasted marshmallows for smores. We had a blast, and I hope this can be one of our traditions after every school year ends!