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Gorgeous scenery and beautiful views on hikes

I picked this campground to stay at because I knew there was good hiking nearby. The campground however was a great spot to stay, it was well maintained and pretty clean. The campsites were fairly close together so that didn't leave much room for privacy. I think I'm kind of used to that from all the camping I do, so it didn't really bother me. The group next to us was a group of guys doing a bachelor party, so they were pretty rowdy but that was understandable. The hiking nearby is awesome! You can't get views like that very often. The mountains seemed to go on forever, it was picturesque. Sometimes I feel like pictures don't do the place justice and that was definitely the case here. I would also say that the road leading up to the campground is pretty rough, but we managed to get there in a small Subaru so I think most cars can make it. Our campsite had a picnic table and a fire pit. I would recommend bringing something to put over the picnic table,like a plastic cloth. The tables were pretty beat up and had sap on them from the trees! Restrooms also are on site, and were fairly clean. If you are a lady I would recommend bringing your own toilet seat covers because they didn't have any so I just squated! Overall, I enjoyed my stay and I would come back.

Such a beautiful lake and great hikes!

Missoula Lake is honestly so pretty. In the mornings I would hang in my hammock, drink my coffee, and just enjoy the scenery. I love being able to just relax and get away from the craziness of school and work and come to places like this. The campground is awesome, well kept and maintained, and it does have your basic amenities. Our campsite had a fire ring pit, and nearby there was a picnic table. However, we had to share that picnic table with a few other people nearby, which was fine. My friends and I also really enjoyed going hiking. There is a hike very close by that the campground ranger told us about and recommended to us. I think he recommended this hike to everyone that weekend because it was SO busy. That was fine with us, but we did have to step aside a lot on our way down to allow the people coming up to go. The views at the top were amazing, and I loved seeing Missoula Lake from the top. It looked so little compared to when you are right down with it. Other than hiking and enjoying my hammock time, we didn't really do anything more. There were some people fishing, but we didn't bring any fishing gear. Although we didn't much, it was still a great relaxing weekend!

Gorgeous hikes, great campground!!

I love a camping spot that has great hikes and beautiful scenery and views. This campground has all of those! You are surrounded by beautiful mountains, crystal clear water and a place where you can do a lot of great outdoor activities! This campsite is located on Flathead Lake, one of my favorite lakes in Montana! While staying here, I was able to get some good hikes in, kayaked on the lake, and spent some quality time with friends and family. The campground was well kept and clean, and I really loved how spaced out each campsite were. I didn't feel like I was right next to someone. They also have restrooms on site, tables, and fire pits. It's also nice because there are a few other state parks close by, like Finley Poiny State Park. This park has great places to swim. I hiked in the Jewel Basin area, which was beautiful. I saw some wildlife and even came into close contact with a little chipmunk! Great place to stay, with lots of fun outdoor activities!!

So beautiful, and very relaxing!

I absolutely love the Glacier National Park. I might be a little bias, because I am from Montana, but I think its one of the best National Parks in the states. Bowman Lake, which obviously is located in the Glacier National Park is no exception…because it is gorgeous. I have stayed here two times, and both experiences were great! I really enjoy the hiking trails in this campground, and kayaking in the lake nearby. The lake that is close to the campground is called Pristine Lake and of course Bowman Lake. The only downside is the road leading up to the campground. It is a pretty narrow road, so you just have to be careful and watch for cars coming the opposite direction of you. The road is gravel/dirt and does have a few switchbacks. Again, just drive slow and carefully. When I went, in June, the campground wasn't too busy but I do know during the weekends and summer months it does get pretty busy. I would just suggest getting there early enough to get a spot. I am an avid hiker, and they definitely have some pretty awesome hikes. Just make sure you talk to a ranger, or do your research ahead of time to find out how long/hard each hike is. I did Numa Ridge, which was gorgeous and 6 miles long. Saturday morning I got up really early and did Brown Pass which was 14 miles round trip, but well worth it. There is also Akola Lake (6miles) and Quartz Lake (6.5miles). I would recommend doing at least 1 hike, because the views and scenery are amazing. The campground itself is pretty basic…tent areas, trees and some amenities. If you are like me, I am hardly at my campsite because I am out exploring.

5 stars, beautiful place to stay!!

Two Medicene Campround, which is located in the Glacier National Park is a beautiful place to stay! You honestly can't go wrong with any campgrounds in the National Park. I would say this campground is definitely less busy then other sites in the Galcier park. I went mid August and didn't have a problem finding a campsite. You can't call ahead of time and make reservations, it's on a first come first serve basis. I got to the campground around noon and was able to get a great spot, site 87 which was tucked away. I had enough space and privacy which is always nice! I love this place because it has great views, scenery and awesome hikes. I also loved that the ranger on site was helpful and knowledgable. He directed me to a few great hikes! The hikes were awesome, and had some pretty great views! My favorite hike was Cobalt Lake, it was about 6 miles total and definitely worth it. The campground itself was clean and well kept. The campsites do have a picnic table and fire ring. Just FYI, they do not have showers available but they do have flush toilets and running water. If you are only staying a few nights, a shower isn't really needed :). I would definitely recommend coming and staying here, it's a great place to stay!

So many things to do, big campground!

Apgar Campground is one of my favorite places to camp. I love that I live within a good driving distance to the Glacier National Park. I've camped in many campgrounds and areas in Montana, and this one is probably one of my favorites. I love that it is so big and spacious, which is nice because it gives you a little room between campsites. It's one of the largest campgrounds in the National Park. If you are new to the area, or if it's your first time camping in the park, I would advise you to stop by the visitor center- Apgar Visitor Center. You'll be able to pick up some maps of the area, which is a must do I would say. They also have a cool gift shop, small restaurant and a place where you can rent water toys (boat rental, kayaks, etc). The campground itself is really nice, and surrounded by trees. Great for hammocking! There are really great sites for tents and also RV set ups. I always tent, just because it makes the experience that much better. They do have bathrooms, and I think they were very well kept and clean. There is a pretty great lake nearby, Lake McDonald. I bring my kayak and get in the water in the morning. During the summer months, you will find that this lake is pretty busy….not only do you encounter people using the lake who are also camping, but there are other people using the lake just for the day. There are also some really great hikes, which I always enjoy doing. I enjoyed hiking to Apgar Lookout and also Hidden Lake Trail. Hidden Lake Trail is VERY busy in the summer months- I would suggest getting a really early stay if you do this hike. Apgar Lookout has a great view from the top, and the trail is pretty well maintained. I did this hike early in the morning, and it was pretty foggy but the views were still great. I would recommend coming here. There is a lot to do, with great views.