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Looking for dispersed camping near Clermont? The Dyrt provides you with a diverse selection of places to camp, from dispersed backcountry camping to boondocking, and everything in-between. Search nearby dispersed campgrounds or find top-rated spots from other campers.

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  1. Camper-submitted photo from Knobstone Trail


    Knobstone Trail

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    Borden, Indiana

    NOTE: Sections of trail between the Spurgeon Hollow Trail Head and mile marker 44s (2016 map version) are very wet and in some cases standing in water. The trail is passable, but will require hikers to walk around these sections to remain dry. Permanent relocation of these wet sections is underway. The relocation will not deviated greatly from the trails current location, but it will eliminate the lakes seasonal high water impact on the trail.

    The Division of Forestry is a multiple-use system. Please be aware of hunting seasons and what season may be open at the time of your hike. A majority of the Knobstone Trail travels through areas open to public hunting. Users of the Knobstone are encouraged to wear bright clothing (e.g., hunter orange, etc.) or other articles to ensure safety at all times of the year.

    With the removal of trees in the tornado area, timber harvested sections have become over grown with green brier, tree seedlings, and weeds, etc. To follow the KT through these sections, there are marks with two different color posts. Orange color marks the trail in the tornado area. Brown color marks the trail in the timber harvest sections between US 56 to Oxley Trailhead.

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  2. Camper-submitted photo from Jackson Trailhead


    Jackson Trailhead

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    Borden, Indiana
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