No Fires
No Pets
No Drinking Water
About Waimanu Campsite

Camping located at the end of Muliwai Trail, which begins by making a challenging ascent of 1200 feet in less than a mile on switch-backs cut into the wall of Waipio Valley. It then passes through 12 smaller gulches on a 5-mile course of moderate difficulty before dropping into Waimanu Valley on another challenging switch-back cut. Measured from the trailhead the Muliwai is 15.3 miles round trip. If you start your hike from the Waipio Lookout the round trip is approximately 19 miles. Trail is minimally maintained, steep, eroded in places, rocky, muddy and slippery when wet. There are nine designated campsites accomodating up to 48 campers total. There are 2 composting outhouses and the trail shelter on the Muliwai trail has a pit toilet. Ther are four emergency helipads along the trail used for maintenance, fire and rescue teams only.

National Forest
No ADA Access
No Drinking Water
No Electric Hookups
No Fires
No Pets
Not Reservable
No Sanitary Dump
No Sewer Hookups
No Showers
No Toilets
No Water Hookups
Waimanu Campsite is located in Pu'u O Umi Natural Area Reserve in Hawaii
20.1433 N
-155.6352 W
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2 Reviews of Waimanu Campsite
There are No Words

The hike down can be a bit steep and if it is raining it gets SUPER wet and slick. It is worth it! A beautiful pristine beach, waterfalls all around, and towering green mountains covered in dense jungle. Absolutely amazing! Be sure to pack in enough water and food! hike back to cars isnt too bad either if more supplies are needed.

First to Review

Waimanu Valley is a state campground for backpacking. It starts out at Waipio Valley lookout and continues 9 miles up to the next valley over. It's a moderately strenuous hike with a pack on your back! Be prepared with water filter, rain gear, mosquito repellant and everything else you need for backpacking. Check the weather in advance because there are two stream crossings that can get rather dangerous if it rises. Otherwise this is the most fantastic paradisiacal campsite on a beach you'll find in Hawaii! Less people than the popular Kalalau on Kauai. Research this one a ton and get permits far in advance!