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Cheaha Falls Campground is located in Alabama
33.4524 N
-85.8498 W
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4 Reviews of Cheaha Falls Campground
Gorgeous location!

This walk in campsite is right next to the waterfalls. Tons of exploring can be done around camp or you could extend the trails and explore Devils Den Falls as well! There is an established fire ring, lots of flat places for tents and lots of trees for hammocks. The walk from Chinnabee Silent Parking lot is 1 mile. It looks like people also park along the entrance on road 600-G making it only a 1/2 mile walk into camp. 

I was sad to see trash left behind in the fire pit. Please pack out what you pack in (and help pick up along the way too!)

Great time

It was a well maintained and clean camp ground. Family had a lot of fun.

Very nice, relaxing, friendly

My first real camping trip with a tent. I chose an RV spot so we had electricity and water. There were a mix of RVs and tents so we weren't alone in our choice. The restrooms and bathhouse were nearby and clean. Amenities were the lake, hiking to Bald Rock on top of the mountain, had a nice supper at the restaurant on the second night and captured a gorgeous sunset. I liked the fact that you could add an extra tent for $5 extra dollars (grown daughter came with us). Many campgrounds only allow one tent so I didn't mind the extra fee for the second tent so we had elbow room. Only down side was second night there were noisy, drunk college kids walking around and was woken up around 4 a.m. An RV with air conditioning running would have drowned out the noise, but tent campers don't have that luxury (Oh well.) I did take it in stride and had a great time and plan to go back again. The drive up the mountain was gorgeous with several stops to admire the view.

Ranger Review: Grand Trunk Hammock at Cheaha Falls Campground

Campground Review:

If I were asked my favorite place to backpack in Alabama I would easily say Mount Cheaha since it has the best views and you get an ever changing hike with rivers, waterfalls, and peaks all in a single day. One of the great backpacking loop within the Cheaha wilderness is the skyway trail and the Cheaha Falls Campground is my favorite place to stay while doing it. Although this site might not have some of the same spectacular views you get by staying on one of the peaks it has a waterfall and a cool fresh stream which can be a lifesaver in the Alabama heat. You also get the advantage of flat ground and plenty of sites to pick from and spread out. There are also enough spaces around to bring a whole group. 

This camping area is made up of around 3-4 separate spots that have their own built up fire pits and cleared tent areas. Since it is a backcountry site and you have to hike in several miles to get here there aren’t really any amenities and whoever sets up shop first gets the site. An alternative option if all sites are taken is to climb the hill and stay in the shelter but that often gets claimed first and requires carrying your water up a steep slope. 

If you do decide to stay here I highly recommend arriving early and following the stream down to get to the waterfall. You can scrabble along the steep slope and have a wonderful space to set up a hammock, dip your toes, or even go for a swim if the day is hot enough and the water level high. It is a perfect way to relax after a long day of climbing the peaks on the other side of the trail. 


Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get to test products. At this campground, I tested the Grandtrunk Nano 7 Premium Ultralight Hammock. I love bringing a hammock with me when I backpack so having one that is lightweight enough to not overload my pack was very exciting. Some of the things that I really loved about the Nano 7 hammock are:

  1. Weight and size: This hammock is seriously light. I often struggle whether to bring along the hammock on backpacking trips when I wont be using it for sleeping but it wasn’t a question this time. It took up almost no space in the pack and didn’t take me overweight even with the lightweight straps. The decreased weight and footprint come with the cost of a slightly smaller surface that is tight for 2 people but it still works and is worth it in the end.
  2. Comfortable material: The fabric used to make the hammock is a super lightweight nylon that feels somewhat different than other hammocks of the same quality and has a little more slick to it. I actually found it to be very comfortable and it even helped me feel cooler which was an advantage. 
  3. Built in carabiners: Many of the hammocks on the market use heavy carabiners attached to additional rope to hold the ends of the hammock together but the Nano 7 has small lightweight carabiners that attach directly to the hammock material and make it easy to set up and hook into the tree straps.

Overall this hammock was well thought out and every aspect was designed to reduce weight while still remaining comfortable and easy to set up.