Little Crease Shelter
Ethan A.
Reviewed Apr. 24, 2020

Secluded shelter site about a mile and a half from Veach Gap Trailhead

You can reach this shelter a number of ways, but I usually com in from the Veach Gap Trailhead parking area. Before I get to the shelter, a couple of notes. First, don't be confused by the drive down to the parking area. You'll go from asphalt to gravel road alongside private property. You're in the right place. Second, this is an active hunting area during the season so be aware of local laws related to the display of blaze orange. Finally, this shelter might be considered a bit tricky to find but I'll provide some rough directions below. More can be found online. 

This shelter is a personal favorite of mine. It's far enough in that it's secluded, but the hike's short enough and easy enough to make it a little more luxurious than a regular backpacking trip. The fire ring is in great condition, there are 4 bunks within the shelter that could accommodate 2 people each, there's a vault toilet approx. 50 yds away, and a pole to hang anything that wildlife might find interesting. Water can be collected from the stream nearby.

Hiking in: Once you've parked, the trail begins off of the left side of the parking lot. As you begin walking, you'll quickly find your first yellow-dotted i. This indicator marks the trail. The trail is relatively flat and easy to follow as it's rumored to have been a road prepared for a potential Continental Army retreat (just in case). There's only one tricky spot where the trail crosses a stream. If you remain vigilant, you'll be able to find the crossing a that most hikers take. Once you've crossed continue along the trail, where you'll come to an intersection. Take a right onto Massanutten Trail for about .25 miles and you'll find Little Crease Shelter.

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