Water Canyon Cliffside Cabin L and L
Alan B.
Reviewed May. 31, 2019

Ranger Review: GrubStick roasting stick @ Water Canyon Cliffside Campground

Campground Review:

      If you're looking for a more secluded experience around Zion then this is a great spot that's pretty much guaranteed to be away from the crowds.  It lies on the south side of Canaan Mountain with great views of the canyon walls!  The dirt road going to the campground and the road in the campground can be rough after a rain (it rained while we were there) and therefore we wouldn't really recommend low clearance cars.  The road may be graded after spring, however, so check with the campground hosts before headed up!

      Upon arrival we unlocked the yellow gate and pulled in to find our parking spot, which are labelled by signs.  There is wood for sale right by the parking for site 3, 4 , and 5.  It was a little bit of a walk to our site from the parking lot but sites 4 and 5 had a shorter walk.  We also thought sites 4 and 5 had better views of the canyon walls as our site was in a grove of Junipers.  The hut and the bigger set up tents also had better views and metal fire rings along with a BBQ grill at the hut.

      Now for activities in the area! Zion NP is only an hours away and takes a scenic route west until meeting up with the junction headed towards Zion.  Rain unfortunately spoiled all of our canyoneering and sandstone climbing plans we had so we opted to try and hike Mountain of the Sun.  This is the famous peak that overlooks the lodge and gets first sunlight most days.  The closest most people get to the summit is the 200' outlook trail. There is, however, an old retired Park Service trail that ascends to the top!  It starts just on the east side of the Mt. Carmel Tunnel and ascends Pine Canyon before going up slick rock terraces.  We had to turn back at this saddle due to rain because while it was hard going up, sliding down 300' of wet, slimy sandstone wasn't in our plans for the day!

Score: 4/5*

Would give 5 stars for sites 4, 5, 6, both tents, and the hut

Product Review:

     As a ranger for the Dyrt we sometimes get to test products while we camp.  On this camping trip we got to test the GrubStick Deluxe Kit!  The first thing we thought when we got our kit was there's a ton of attachments!  We think the Deluxe Kit is the best option for testing the waters as it includes one of each of their unique roasting tools.  The attachments that intrigued us most was the Grubtube and Grubpocket.  They allowed us to make freshly roasted bread quick and easily!  We found that keeping the bread fairly thin got the best golden brown while baking it all the way through.  We tested both of these and and the prongs but not the cages.  While we didn't test the cages we expect them to perform just as well given they are very robust.  On top of all of these gadgets, the deluxe kit also comes with a carrying bag to store it all!

     The only thing we thought could be improved on the Grubstick was the telescoping portion of the handle itself.  I almost pulled 2 different sections apart from each other without much force and when there was a decent load on the end the whole rod would bend.  We just shortened the rod by one section and that seemed to work alright.  

    In closing we thought the grubstick was a fantastic ingenuitive piece of camping equipment. It's sure to expand the number and variety of camping meals you'll be able to prepare!  And if you're looking for a kit for the whole family there's the GrubStick Master Kit.

Score: 4/5

  • Campground sign just beyond the yellow gate
  • Can buy firewood on site for only $5 a bundle!
  • Nice vault toilet with super cushy toilet paper
  • Footbridge from road to campsites 3, 4, and 5
  • Our home for the night!  Tent site 3
  • Cooking some croissant cups over an open fire!
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  • A little lopsided but still golden and delicious
  • The longer of the 2 pocket attachments
  • A little bit of filling for the cups
  • Best campfire breakfast!
  • Site 4 from a distance
  • Site 4 up close
  • Site 5 from a distance
  • Site 5 up close
  • Site 6 from a distance
  • Site 6 up close
  • Site 7 from a distance
  • Tent 1 from a distance
  • Tent 1 up close
  • Hut campsite
  • Little waterfall and pool on the way up to Mountain of the Sun in Zion NP
  • Beautiful weeping waterfall wall that was just before we started slick rock scrambling
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  • Tunnel right by the road at the beginning of the trail
  • Tunnel fun!
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  • Final tunnel shot
SiteTent site 3
Month of VisitJune