Green River Peninsula Camp
RThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 30, 2023

Beautiful but High Risk entry

Pulling into my chosen spot and doing a 180 at the beauty and serenity of this area( stayed at 40°59'20.4"N 109°32'13.7"W, not all the way out), made me feel a little bit better regarding the trip in. Jug Hollow Road should be renamed: Rough Hollow Road! Had I known how bad it would get, I would not have made the journey with my 40' Toy Hauler. Many have mentioned the 5+ miles of Washboard road, but there is a long section that has been washed out, rutted and very hazardous! Far worse than any road I've been on. And as some folks do, there is no exaggeration involved here to keep the area from becoming"too popular". Making things worse is that most of the road in is very narrow. Thank goodness I did not meet an outgoing camper! Not sure what would happen if I had? And there is no going off the side of the road, as the road is dug in pretty deep from years of grading(which BTW, is in dire need of a re-do! Again, a beautiful area with lots of water, fishing, kayaking, ATV's and Dirt Bikes. But you have to ask yourself whether potential damage to your rig and it's contents are worth risking. And let us not forget.. if you come down Route 191 from I-80.. be prepared for a"White-Knuckle" experience!!! Especially that 2-1/2 mile, 9% grade to go down.

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