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About Isaac Hale Beach Park - Hawaii
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Isaac Hale Beach Park - Hawaii is located in Hawaii
19.458 N
-154.842 W
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6 Reviews of Isaac Hale Beach Park - Hawaii
Closed due to volcanic activity

Due to the new volcanic activity, you can no longer reach this beach. I love this park, and enjoyed getting to surf it only twice in my life. my heart broke when the lava closed off all access points. Fissure 8 is producing a large volume of lava, and it is unclear how long this event might last. While this tiny section of our island is closed off, there is still plenty to do and see.

Only did daytime exploring here

peaceful, fresh air, clean!

Nice for hanging out with friends: not a family spot

It has more of a party feel that you would want to go with friends. Its a lot louder then the other campsites. Your friendly neighbors will invite you to tent hop. Its a cool scene. Theres a theral spa, and it's across the street from a small beach- not suitable for surfing, but its nice to rake a dip and cool off. I would go back for a birthday or a celebration and it would be a great time!!

Great Surf Spot and WARM POND!

This is a pretty open and can be crowded campsite. Has some of the best surfing on Pahoa side and has a boat launch. There is an epic small thermal pond just a shorts hike from the boat launch. It is a well traveled path so you should be able to spot it!

Sunsets and Fishing

Decided to check out the road south of Pahoa and happened to find this park/campground. I bought the permit online with my iPhone and we picked a tent site. The camping area has little to no trees, so enjoy the sun. It is directly across the street from the ocean where there are many people enjoying the waves and fishing. It's not a beach and not really a good place to swim. There was a nice playground close by and water for kids to play around in.

The bathhouse was pretty clean, but I found the general area to be loud with noise of other campers being so close. It kind of had a party campground feel, if you like that sort of thing. I normally enjoy quieter environments. However, the sunset and the sound of the waves couldn't be beat.

There was no fire pits, but there were grills and picnic tables.

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breath taking

what a beautiful and secluded area