Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
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Reviewed Jun. 18, 2018

Enchanted Rock + The Cave

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is about 1:30 to 1:45 hours west of Austin and just 25 minutes south of Llano. This park gets lots visitors year round. If you are just visiting for the day, arrive early before 9am because the park limits the number of daily visitors. If you have camping reservations you will be granted admission. Make your camping reservations as early as possible because the spots fill up early. If you are not able to reserve a campsite, check out the nearby private campground called Oxford Ranch. The park is known for the Enchanted Rock which is a monolithic granite rock that juts out of the ground. The hike to the top of the rock is less than a mile, but it is a sharp incline. You'll be walking on solid granite. During the summer the temperatures rise sharply and there is limited shade to rest under on the summit. At the top of the rock obscured within a grouping of boulders there is a cave. The cave runs about 600 feet and takes about 30 minutes to walk, crawl and shimmy through. X marks the spot. WARNING: Only enter the cave if you have a headlamp. You will need both hands free to crawl in some areas. If you drop a flashlight or cell phone it will slide away from you and you will not be able to retrieve it and you will be stuck in the cave because it is pitch black. Empty all your pockets of keys, cameras, water bottles, pens, snacks, etc. before you enter the cave and place them securely inside a zipped pocket in your backpack (not in a water bottle pocket). Once again, if or when they fall out you will not be able to retrieve them. And they become trash to future spelunkers. Other than climbing the summit and exploring the cave, there are a series of loop trails from 1 to 4 miles in length. There are a number of hoodoo rock formations, boulders, small ponds in the area. Take at least a liter of water if you plan to hike the loop. The campgrounds are nicely equipped with a sun shade cover, picnic table, fire ring and food hanging post. They are adequately spaced apart, but you will have neighbors. There are critters like squirrels, raccoons and skunks that scavenge food regularly from the campsites, so take adequate precautions and hang your food or garbage.

  • Climb to the top of the monolithic granite rock known as Enchanted Rock.
  • Rest area and restroom located near the summit trailhead.
  • For the more adventurous, there is a cave at the top of the rock. Only enter if you have a headlamp and secure all other items like keys, cameras, water bottles, snacks, pens, etc. inside zippered pockets because if or when you drop them they will slide away, you will not be able to recover them and you will be trapped inside the cave because of the complete darkness.
  • Typical campsite with cover, picnic table, fire ring, shade and food hanging post. Critters often attack food left unattended in the camp area.
  • Rock structure from the north side.
  • The parking lots fills up early, so arrive before 9am.
  • Alien invasion
  • Greeting sign at the entrance.
  • There is often a line of cars and visitors waiting to enter the park at the Ranger Station.
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Loop Trail
  • An overview of the campsites and activities to do at Enchanted Rock.
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