Sasquatch Farm
Reviewed Oct. 27, 2022


If I could give less than 1 star I would. I contacted Sasquatch Farm on August 26th. Their website did not list Pop Up from their menu when making a reservation. I told them I had a pop up and wanted to stay for a month starting Oct 19th. I was told yes, I could stay, just choose RV from the drop down menu. I made my reservation and paid my deposit. 7 weeks later when I arrived after driving over 9 hours to get there, I was told I could not stay. The temperature was going to drop at night and they said they would not have bathrooms available for me to use. They said their bathrooms were in movable trailers and the pipes may freeze. I was shocked. I now had nowhere to live for the next month. I was told I could stay a day while I looked up another place to go. However, there was no phone reception for me to look up a place and I couldn't just stand there making that decision quickly. Plus I had just been told there were no available bathrooms. I had to drive to a hotel and stay for a few days to work things out. It is hard to find a place to stay this time of year. Thinking I was staying there for a month, I had bought supplies I needed that will now be delivered to a state I am no longer in. It has cost me an extra$800 to live this month. I have yet to receive an apology from the owner. They say that they accommodate all sizes from tents to big rigs. However if you do not have an expensive rig, I suggest you avoid this place. I belong to several camping groups on Facebook and I have already warned them of this place. I have looked at their website and see that they have changed their Reservation set up to include pop up/camper vans and they now warn that the bathrooms may not always be available. Luckily I had only put the$100 deposit down and thankfully I did get it returned to me. I would also like to add that I have seen other complaints about the large rocks in the driveway. I will say they were very large and I was afraid one of my tires would get punctured as I left.

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