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Cedar Pass - Badlands National Park is located in Badlands National Park in South Dakota
43.746 N
-101.948 W
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49 Reviews of Cedar Pass - Badlands National Park
Cedar Pass Badlands

This campground is great for scenic views of the Badlands, if you don't mind the crowds. The campsites at the entrance have the best views with the least crowd. Definitely choose a site on the outer loop to avoid the busy inner area near the bath house. There's at least one little dive bar nearby where the locals hang. Hiking around the campground is fun, but dogs aren't allowed on the trails.

Nice campground, can get windy.

The Badlands actually turned into a pretty cool place. I didn't think the National Park was going to be as nice and fun as it was. The open climbing policy is pretty cool for those adventurous enough to climb. There was a picnic bench with a sun/wind breaker overhead and to one side of the bench. There are flush toilets, running sink water, coin operated showers and there is pump drinking water. The sites are very open with no trees. However at times it did get pretty windy so some of our things started to blow around (Including our tent at one point). Overall, I enjoyed this campground and would have no problem going back.

Great view from the campground!

I visited the Cedar Pass campground in Badlands National Park with my brother. We arrived in the middle of the afternoon and got a good location on the side of the camp. The campground was packed by the time we finished setting up our tent.

The camp is completely open and there is basically no privacy between campsites. No trees. Nothing. It was really windy the day and night we were there. Since there is nothing blocking the wind in the open campground, make sure to secure your tent well if the weather is bad.

Each campsite has a picnic table and a small thing covering it. There is also a bathroom with running water and flushing toilets. It's not the cleanest bathroom I've seen, but I wasn't completely afraid to use it either. It's a lot better than a pit.

One of my favorite things about the campground is the view you have near the front of the park. It's incredible. Especially in the morning as the sun is rising. I'm adding a star to my review from what I would rate it for this reason alone.

As far as the park is concerned, my favorite locations were Pinnacles Overlook, Ancient Hunters Overlook, Yellow Mounds Overlook, and Panorama Point. You can drive through the park in about half a day. If you have young kids, be careful in some of the spots. After seeing it again as an adult, I now know why my dad was so strict about leaving the car in some areas.

The bathrooms!

5 star views, minus 2 stars for the absolutely filthy bathrooms. Overflowing sanitary napkin boxes, overflowing trash, dead bugs and dirt EVERYWHERE! Forget about soap or toilet paper. Even after the "just cleaned" sign was out in the morning, it was evident only the trash had been removed from ONE bathroom- nothing else done whatsoever. I'm not one to leave a bad review but it was disgusting. The campsite itself was nice with a beautiful view and the location is close to several trail heads. At night the campground was quiet. So, if you're in a camper you have nothing to fear. If you're tenting it… Get your tetanus booster before going in the bathroom

Nice Services, Beautiful Location

I've camped here multiple times and each visit have had a pleasant experience with the site locations and campground services. Sites are open (but lack of major vegetation in the area) but the picnic tables do offer a shaded awning and overall the views of the Badlands are gorgeous!

Better than Yellowstone

If you're planning a trip to this part of the country, this is a must see! Breathtaking!

Nice campgrounds

The campgrounds are very nice. The Badlands are awesome though. To be honest, I spent a night at this campground and then decided to try my hand at backcountry camping out in the actual Badlands. The view is incredible. The park is extremely hot during the day. EXTREMELY HOT. The air is also extremely dry. Make sure you bring plenty of water regardless of what activities you plan on doing.

Anyway, back to the actual camping. Definitely come here. If you enjoy it, give the backcountry camping a shot as well. I have literally never experienced something as wild and wonderful as the Badlands at night. I stayed during the Perseid meteor shower. Seeing the Milky Way with the meteors passing by is something I will never forget. The night is brutally dark out there. It's both amazing and terrifying.

Cedar Pass Campground - Badlands, SD

It's very open and very windy at the Cedar Pass Badlands campground. It is just an open field with plenty of space for tents and campers. It does have flush toilets but no showers. The wind just whips through the campsites and there are NO trees. They have constructed wooden shelters over the picnic tables to allow you to have some protection from the sun and wind while you are eating, but make sure you have your tent staked out and guy lines set. There are beautiful views of the Badlands and there is easy access to the roads that take you through the National Park. If you make it in before five o'clock in the afternoon you can grab a hamburger at the lodge/diner next to the campground.

Standard campground, great views

I would say that as far as campgrounds go, this one is probably nothing special, but the views and proximity to the Badlands make it special. Amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Good Camping in The Badlands

Our family of four tent camped two nights in the Cedar Pass campground and the views are unbelievable! The sky is so open we watched a rainstorm pass by to the south of us, but never felt a drop. The campground can become crowded at times so try to choose a site on the outer edge of the grounds. Covered picnic tables were greatly appreciated since shade is sparse. Day hikes and evening ranger led programs are well worth your time. The kids also enjoyed making friends playing on the gigantic rocks outside of the amphitheater. Campground and bathrooms were well maintained. A cool experience all around.