Sloan Canyon - Dispersed Camping
Eric F.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Apr. 29, 2020

Nice area to hike

This area can be very deceiving, as to where you can camp because of the petroglyphs (once you pass the main signs) this is a protected area. So if you come from Vegas and your at the little white trailer which is the main entrance you'll have to hike to the south side if the mountains and exit the main path area before camping (which is about 6-7 miles, so what I do is drive south on Vegas Blvd right before you reach Seven Magic Mountain on the left side you will see a white sign, if your coming from the north hang a left there and stay left on the asphalt until you go over cattle grate, once you go over the grate keep looking left until you see a "brown stick sign" (about a half mile) leading you to the trail head. There is a circle parking area, I park there and then camp in the dry riverbed before entering past the main big sign, about a quarter mile from circle parking area. All that being said don't try driving a car through the back rounds, dirt roads are rough. One down side to this area is right after you go over the cattle grate you will see spots on the right and left where people setup on shoot weapons. If you like that then your in the perfect area but I get annoyed because they tend to go kind of late into the night. So from the big dirt road (once you see brown stick sign) I go north about 5 miles

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