North Pinnacle
Dexter I.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 29, 2022

Spacious site in full view of road

This camping location is listed as North Pinnacle on the National Geographic map of the park, other maps show the location but do not provide a name for this camping location. This is the third camping area along Great Basin National Park's Snake Creek Road. Located on the north side of the road, this campsite is not clearly marked like the others on the road, it is marked only by a small green tent sign. Campsite consist of a single very roomy campsite with plenty of room in the area for multiple tents. Parking is a small pull off from the road. At most you might get two cars in to the parking spot. The camping area is right along the road with no trees or other plants blocking the view from the road. Site has a picnic table, trash can and metal fire ring. This is a dry campground. This is the only campsite along the road to not have a vault toilet.

 Be warned, the information on the parks website is a bit misleading. Road is not for RV's or trailers. Just after you enter the park on Snake Creek Road a sign clearly indicated no RV's or trailers past the roads first pull out. Road is a narrow single lane road for almost all of its length. Camp site is just off a very dusty road, but road travel is slow with little traffic. No fee to use this site.

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