Apple Jacks 21
Jana C.
Reviewed Jun. 16, 2021

Worst camping experience in 37 years

I had a pretty awful expereince with Apple Jacks 21 this weekend. I wanted to share to maybe help others get more clarification when booking. I had a lot of upset and disappointed friends that drove a long way for this. 12 people total.

I know this resort is new and just coming along. I understand that. But there are quite a few issues that concern me and should have been addressed before allowing bookings.

The owner did not reply when asking for confirmation via Facebook messenger, which is how I booked but she did look at and ignore my message. We decided to go anyway. After all, we had 12 people in our group and I can't let people down. She did not want payment before our arrival.

When we got here we had to go search for someone to figure out where to go, which is precisely why I tried to confirm the day before. Took 3 phone calls before we got the owner to answer and we were told to go down to the bar and find some man. The man had no idea what we were to do or where we should go. Again we waited while he called her several times. We were exhausted from a long trip and just wanted to get setup and rest.

After finally getting settled the owner drove by and said she would come back after supper (for payment I'm guessing) but never did. We still hadn't paid by night 2. And then night 3.

When asking where our friends would park their RV it was again an hour long process to figure it out. We also figured we should attempt to find out which cabin is for our other group since it's so hard to find anyone here that knows what is going on.

Our friend finally got in the RV site the electric hookup had an open ground. The wire was literally sticking out of the post box for my kids or anyone to get seriously injured. They also just wanted to get settled and rest so we ran an extension cord from our post since no one is to be found and no one answers their phone, again. Finally the worker man called back and came and said he couldn't help us due to a warranty on the work but gave us an extension cord.

The cabin, no one knew what was going on either. We finally found out later on and went and checked it out. There were other people's items inside. But noticed maybe it was 2 parts because there was a door in the middle. So they carried their stuff to the other side where it was pretty filthy. Hair in the sinks from someone shaving, a sink full of dishes, filthy refrigerator, filthy bathrooms etc. Then the worker man comes flying in aggressively asking who is in cabin 1 and I said I had no idea what cabin is which so he showed us we weren't supposed to walk through cabin 1 (again, no signs or numbers). Nothing is marked here. Then they have no key to lock up the door to the outside or the door to the "grandsons" that apparently live on the other side (cabin 1??). The "grandsons" can just come into my friends cabin anytime they want as there is no lock between the cabins. We were also told that the cabin was "right across the street" from our RV sites. It's was a 1 mile drive because they removed the driveway between them (didn't inform us of this). Our friends in the cabin have mobility issues and that is the reason being close was so important. It was a truck ride away. Definitely

Again, I tried to drive up to River's Edge to pay for my site (that's what the worker man said to do) and no one knows the pricing. She wanted me to leave my credit card there and she would charge me later. Not happening. I left all my info, she was supposed to get a total and call me to pay by phone but that never happened either.

On Sunday, the owne came flying in after seeing my comments to someone else having issues about this place being a disaster and was nice at first until I wanted to tell her my issues. She snapped and didn't want to hear any of it. She also asked me for a pen to write down my credit card number. It's 2021 and they write down credit card numbers? The owner stated that I had booked 3 cabins and she had to turn people away Friday night and they sat empty because of me. That is false. I read a reveiw that she turned them away due to plumbing problems. I have screenshots of booking 1 cabin and 1 RV site and later adding another rv site. I also have screenshots of asking for confirmation of 1 cabin and 2 rv sites. Finally in such a mean but sweet way she told me this wasn't the place for me and we weren't welcome back so we packed up and left.

After we left and got on the road someone else called me about payment. I told her I already paid the owner. She said the owner told her to call me about payment. Apparently, this woman texted me a bill but I didn't get it until we left due to phone service issues. The bill didn't even show the total. But the woman was kind and understanding that I didn't get her text. Then 2 hours later my card was charged $653 when it was supposed to be $580. What a disaster.

All in all I think I lost 6 hours just trying to figure out what is going on here.

This was supposed to be my birthday trip. What a fiasco.

Luckily, my credi card company refunded me since none of the amenities she advertised were there.

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