Munising Tourist Park Campground
Sandra D.
Reviewed Jul. 28, 2023

Nice campground, but it can't handle all the electrical draw for every site

This is a busy campground right on Munising Bay on Lake Superior. Reservations for the busy season need to be made months in advance, and even reserving 6 months before our arrival date, we got the last spot. We have a 22 foot travel trailer, so we can fit onto most any site, but this campground draws some huge rigs pulled by tractor trailers.

The people in the office are great. The beach on the bay is spectacular. Overall nice campground at a very good price.

But this is an older campground, and the electrical system can't handle the power draw from the big rigs. People at the end of the power line - beware! Bring your surge protector to protect your electrical system.

We were fine until day 3 where the temps hit 88 degrees, and the big rigs were running their double air conditioners, while we were running just our fridge, water heater and a fan. Draws about 6 amps. We didn't have enough power coming to our site even for that, and the surge protector shut everything down. Thank goodness it did it's job and protected the electrical system on the trailer. At one point the power coming into the site was only 98 instead of 120ish.

So while the big boys further up the line were running 2 air conditioners, we weren't getting enough power to run a water heater, fridge and a fan. We had to put our water heater and fridge onto propane and do without even a fan in 88 degree heat. Thank goodness our fridge and water heater can run on propane, and the lights work on DC, but the fan runs on 110, so it didn't work. 

The people in the office were apologetic, and they said we should have power when it cools down and there aren't so many air conditioners running. That was small comfort when we were paying for a 50 amp site for our 30 amp trailer, and we couldn't even run a fan. At least the surge protector kept us from damaging the trailer electrical system - we hope!

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