Detroit/Ann Arbor KOA
Kara W.
Reviewed Jul. 8, 2022

Worst Campground in my 2+ Years Full-Time

After only a few hours of moderate rainfall, we arrived to a completely flooded park. Got my site number, and an employee guided us to the site. It was completely underwater. When we told him the obvious, he said, “they all are.” I suggested taking the site two spots down, same type site moderately dry, and he said “Fine, tell the office.” And drove off.

I walked back to the office to tell them. They said okay, and we set up. A different employee came back and said we couldn’t park there because it was already paid for by someone else. I said, “Well, we already paid for a spot and we’re here.” He replied that we would have to move. He showed us another flooded site. Then a site that would obviously not fit our camper. We all kind of stared at each other for a minute, then he said “Take the spot you’re at, I’ll tell the boss.”

So “the boss” came in his car immediately combative telling us we couldn’t stay there, specifically, “You’re moving.”. I said, “Okay well where should we go? The spots we were shown won’t work.” He said Spot 51. I asked where it was at, he said he didn’t know because he didn’t have a map.

Once we found it, it was both too small and under water. When I pointed this out he said “Yeah, it’s raining.” I said well we already paid for a spot and it’s not flooded so we will stay there. He said “No, I’ll call a tow truck.” I said “Well give us a refund and we’ll leave.” He said “I don’t think I will give you a refund, but I will call the tow truck.” This went on for awhile until he told me to “Call God,” and I suggested “give me a refund instead.” Finally he asked if I give you a refund will you leave? And I said yes.

Moral, we got the refund. I understand having a bad day, but I don’t get to throw temper tantrums at my customer service job when things are hard. As others have said, none of the amenities are running - they all have construction tape around them. So between the abhorrent customer service, terrible sites, and no amenities, I would suggest you stay far away.

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