Pine Acres Family Camping Resort
Reviewed Sep. 14, 2021

Beautiful campground! Too many rules. Rude office managers!

We have camped here several times and did this year after a few years away. Love the campground and it is very clean and the staff is friendly but getting rediculous as to what they consider "a family". I can see restricting the number of people on a site but should be at least 6 per site, not 4 and shouldn't matter whether they are adults or children. I can see charging a visitor fee for xtra people but not a whole other campsite fee. I made a reservation this year for 4 adults and 2 children and they took our information at that time and made the reservation and we paid in full, but then 2 weeks before our reservation we called to make sure everything was set and was told that our reservation was for too many people and that we were going to have to pay for another site. That is rediculous and I specifically asked about the number of people when I booked it. When we said we were not willing to pay any extra and wanted our money back they said they would only give us resort credit, which we were not interested in as we will not camp here again because of their restrictions on# of people and what constitutes a" family". When I spoke to the office managers about this, Caroline and Melissa, both laughed at me and told me to STFU. Can you believe it? They were so rude! Laughing at me, talking all fast like I was a dummy. They told me I had to pay or they would kick me and "my trash family" out. That's a direct quote! All we wanted to do was have a good time and let our kids run lose. The best camping weekend is when we don't have to see our kids for two days, but we know they are safe! This place had way too many rules too. Quiet hours at 10 p.m.? We are just getting into the fun at 10! We won't be back!

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