Coon Creek (IL)
Melissa B.
Reviewed Sep. 27, 2017

Ranger Review: Ledlenser H2 Headlamp at Coon Creek Recreational Area

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I sometimes get to test products. On our last camping trip to Lake Shelbyville, we stayed at Coon Creek Recreational Area, and I had the pleasure of testing out and evaluating the LEDLENSER, MH2, Headlamp.


We found this head lamp to be perfect for our campsite at Coon Creek Recreational Area as we were at the end of a peninsula, with paths all around us to explore! The gravel sites are surrounded by trees and depending on the site you choose, you can see the lake from your site. The campground has a very large playground, a great beach for swimming, a trail for hiking, tons of fishing spots, and lots of up and down roads for great bike riding. Overall, the campground is peaceful, clean, and well maintained. It’s one of our personal favorites so far!


To begin, the quality of the LEDLENSER, MH2, Outdoor series Headlamp is amazing. Strong, but comfortable head band (although it can get a little sweaty under the band if the temperature is hot outside). My son and I were easily able to adjust it to fit both our heads in a matter of seconds.

The headlamp came in handy during the early morning fishing hours when the sun wasn’t fully up. We were able to see, and avoid, all the spider webs in our path. The range on the headlamp is incredible! I was able to see at least 250-300 feet in front of us, and the span of the light ranges from about 100 feet or more to about the size of a basketball. You can easily adjust the light span by a small dial on the front of the headlamp.

The on/off, and intensity switch, is also easily accessible right on the top of lamp, and fairly easy to depress, although my nine year old son said he had to push down really hard to use the button.

At night, I was able to switch on the headlamp quickly and explore the area for glowing eyes, after hearing sticks breaking and other eerie nighttime noises. I found the headlamp to be very useful for other mundane things too, like just needing a flashlight for a second. It’s light, small, convenient to pocket, and it definitely packs a punch when it comes to illuminating your surroundings.

Overall, this headlamp has made its permanent home with our camping gear, and we plan to use it on every camping trip in the future!

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