Hawaii County Park Kolekole Gulch Park
Sasha W.
Reviewed Jul. 25, 2018

Beautiful, just like Hawaii

My family and I visit Hawaii every other Christmas. I know, spending Christmas without snow may seem weird to some people, because we always have a white Christmas where I am from (Washington State). But honestly, we love going this time of year because it isnt as busy. We love either camping, staying at my families condo, or doing a combo of both. We visited Kolekole Beach Park when we came last Christmas, and it was great. It was super clean, which we really loved. There was also some great small cliffs that we could jump off of- the whole family loved doing this. It almost feels like you are in a "jungle" only because of the greenery and trees. Not to mention the weather is pretty muggy. My family and I had a picnic here, and played in the water for the day. They didnt have any life guards on duty just FYI. Weirdly, there were a lot of cats around? Not sure why? but thought this was interesting. The park is a little hard to find, we drove past the sign and had to turn around. It's a pretty small, spray painted sign. We hiked in the morning before we came here, which was beautiful hike overlooking the water. Highly recommend!!

  • Hike nearby w/ waterfall
  • Love the waterfall
  • So many bugs on this hike
  • Heeeeyyy
  • Gorgeous waterfall
  • Waterfalls in the distance
  • So much greenery
  • Trying to get by lol
  • Super happy lol
  • Into the jungle
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