Lard Can
Liz M.
Reviewed Mar. 22, 2021

Good in an emergency.

I would camp here if for some reason I couldn't get out to one of the chickees before sunset, and didn't want to navigate the mangroves in the dark. Or if it is cold out and I am out fishing for multiple days. The site has a dock and a shore that one could put their boats. It has 3 different small clearings that are surprisingly well cleared and level. The site can be reserved for 2 groups and up to 5 people. The porta-potty was clean. However, even in a 25 knot wind, none of it gets back into the clearings making it so the mosquitos are awful 24/7 unless it is downright cold.

This is within the Everglades National Park, so unless you have a pass, you'll have to pay for entry. This site has no freshwater and minimal to no cell service. All trash must be paddled out.

  • Dock with porta-potty at lard can. Canoe grounding is in the mangroves to the right of the dock.
  • First clearing
  • 3rd and biggest clearing
  • 2nd clearing
  • Dock with porta potty