Camp Chowenwaw Park
Tracy L H.
Reviewed Jul. 11, 2019

Ranger Review: ICEMULE Cooler at Camp Chowenwaw Park Treehouse Point

Florida has many many different camping options.  I was looking for something unique and different from what I'd done before and this place popped up on my radar.  Definitely Different and Unique for Florida. And the perfect place to review my 

Campground Review:

Camp Chowenwaw is located in Green Cove Springs, FL adjacent to the St. John's River and on Black Creek.  It was a Girl Scout Camp for 70 years and is now owned and operated by Clay County, FL (  There are many different styles of camping available here with lots of privacy between the different sections.  

I chose to camp in the Treehouse Point for a weekend where there are 9 Treehouses available for camping.  A group of us went and had Treehouse #4 and #5.  Each screened in non electric Treehouse slept 4 in bunk beds.  There were several central fire rings with a picnic table/benches throughout the unit.  A shared bathhouse with toilets, sinks, lights, and hot showers was available in the unit also.  There was a central dining hall for all of Treehouse Point with electric, lights, fans, inside fireplace, stove, refrigerator, sink area, and porch with outside charcoal grill and picnic table.  

Even with sharing the dinning hall with other campers it was great since it was big enough and everyone was friendly.  The Treehouses are spread out with some trees in between so they are semi private.  The pool is available but doesn't open til 10 am where as we were all ready to go earlier since it was HOT.  It was very enjoyable but HOT in July with no electric in the Treehouses.  We had no issues with mosquitoes or yellow flies and the frogs serenaded us every night loudly, so that was a cool experience.  We had decided not to take kayaks since there was a bit of a walk into our area and we didn't want to leave them in the parking area on our vehicles, which turned out to be a good decision because the kayak launch was under repairs.  They are planning on upgrading a lot so it should be great soon.  They recently upgraded and replaced the fishing pier and its awesome.  We are planning to go again in the Fall when its cooler.  I would recommend this place for a unique experience.  On a side note:  Green Cove Springs has a pool also in a community park on the St. John's River that is spring fed and would be a cool stop.


Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get to test products.  A Camp Chowenwaw I tested the  I got the ICEMULE Pro XL (33L which equals 24 cans plus ice) in Camo.

1.  What I loved about the ICEMULE was that I could wear it like a backpack and be comfortable and free my hands for something else.

2.  I loved that the straps were wide and comfortable.

3.  I also loved that the chest cross strap could be moved up and down to make it more comfortable for women to use the chest cross strap.

4.  The straps had lots of room to make smaller or larger so it will be great fit  for a variety of people and body styles.

5.  It kept my ice solid for three days in the FL heat.

6.  It has a port to add air to enhance the coolers insulation.

7.  It holds A LOT!!  I had 9 bottles of Propel water and 2 bags of grapes and 1 whole bag of ice.  It wasn't too heavy and there was room for much more.

Only draw back I had was that the camo style is fabric and tends to sweat a lot.  The other colors are vinyl and don't seem to sweat.

I'm ready to use my ICEMULE Cooler again.  I even want to take it kayaking and get some more accessories for it from their site like a dry bag and a waterproof box.

  • Park Entrance
  • Ranger Station
  • Camp Chowenwaw
  • Main Lodge
  • Carts to use to take supplies back to our unit.
  • Pool which is run by the YMCA
  • Otter Springs (pond)
  • Another way to get to the Treehouses by boardwalk.
  • Treehouse #4 side view
  • Treehouse #4 front view
  • View into Treehouse #4
  • Bunk beds in #4
  • Standing by other bunk beds back towards door.
  • Top of Treehouse #4 with communal fireplace, picnic table and bench
  • Bathhouse
  • Sink area, Toilets were in another section with individual stalls with doors.
  • Shower stalls with bench area
  • Dinning Hall
  • Fireplace and tables in Dinning Hall
  • Treehouse #1 out DinningHhall door during the rain.
  • Treehouse #3 that was across from #4
  • Jungle Trail boardwalk out to the fishing pier on Black Creek.
  • View of the highway bridge
  • End of the pier
  • Lots of lilly pads.  View from end of pier towards where kayak launch is.
  • My first attempt at a video of a campsite.  Will need to work on that some more.  Sorry. :)
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  • My video review of the ICEMULE Cooler.  Not bad for a first product review video.  And one take too. :)
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