Tracy L H.
Tavares, FL
Joined September 2016
Peaceful Camping

Stayed here for a week in an RV and enjoyed it immensely. The lake, Lake Alltoona is huge with hundreds of miles of shore line and lots of camping areas. This place had a nice campsites very shaded and the lake was nice and cool to swim in.

Lake Alltoona is Good!

These sites were amazing. Most of the sites are right on the lake. There is an abundance of wildlife around. The water is nice and cool. The people here are so friendly and helpful. Perfect lake to boat and fish on.

Tallest Waterfall Around

Loved my visit to this wonderful park. I enjoyed hiking parts of the trail and seeing the trail head for the Appalachian Trail, inspiring. The hike to the Falls was amazing. There is a wonderful Lodge at the top of the Falls too. So much beautiful scenery along the way. I am ready to go back!!!!!

Awesome Camping BUT Best lake to kayak or canoe!!!!!

Nice open group camp area. Has a fire pit and benches around it and two picnic tables. It has a bonus old pole barn for when it rains that is part of the camp site. There are no restrooms but there is a little of water available from a well nearby, probably best to boil it first. It is just up from the lake and the area where the canoes are stored. There is a small camping and canoe rental fee but it is returned afterwards when site is checked. I have kayaked the lake often and am amazed at the beauty. I have hike here a lot. Only camped once but it was excellent. If you want to canoe you can rent and hike a mile in to where they are near the shore. Or you can bring your own canoes or kayaks and put into the Blackwater Creek at the parking area and paddle out to the lake. The creek is very shaded and cool. The lake is fairly big but has a lot of calm areas near the shore. There are tons of cypress trees around the lake and many are even way out in the water. Some you can even paddle through. The only drawback to your own canoe or kayak is if the water level is down in the creek it may not be passable or some portaging may go on. If it is low you can always rent the ones that are kept on site near the lake shore and bypass the creek all together. Must do if you are in Central Florida.

Wild Florida

This preserve has several camping opportunities. You can register (its really free since deposit is returned if site is left as found), to use the group camp which is near the trail head and parking area. There is a restroom in the parking lot and running water at the start of the short trail to the camp area. There is plenty of room for several tents. There are two fire pits, benches and one picnic table. I have used this many times to have camping 101, dutch oven cooking, and Leave No Trace classes. There is the option of primitive camping by hiking out half way through the loop to the campsite over 2 miles. There is a picnic table there, a lantern pole, and a fire ring, and as a bonus a pitcher well for water, although you need to boil it, but its there. Then the third option is really primitive….you canoe (small fee that is returned to use on site canoe which is the only way to get one to the water) to an island and camp. Only a fire ring, lantern pole, and picnic table. (right now it is closed for maintenance Sept 2016) The hiking trail is wonderful and very shaded. There is a wildflower field at the trail head areas. A must do if in the area.

Nice Water Play Spot

Have been here several times over the years. Very near relatives in Highlands Ranch, CO. It is a cool place to visit and relax. Even better if you want to fish and/or boat!!! Very great for day visits.

Most Awesome!!!

I loved this area and have been there twice. Have used the campsites once and they are very scenic and have what you need for primitive camping with being able to drive your car to it. The campsites also double as picnic areas when not used by campers and you can enjoy the wildlife, like chipmunks. The fire tower is a must!!!! Yes I hiked (fairly easy) up to it both times. And yes I went up the steps to the top both times too. The view is worth it and the Ranger makes it a great learning experience. Not sure if Billy is still there but he was great and there was a write up on him in People one year, which inspired me to go there on my next trip out there. This is truly a trip that needs to be on a bucket list!!!! (As a side note, lots of photos attached but I had to use the ones in my scrapbook since a computer crash wiped out the photos themselves, enjoy. Did find just a few that survived.)

High Falls

This was a cool place to stop and visit for a little while. The campground was fantastic with yurts and rv sites. They have two campgrounds. Lots of sites were drive through too which help tremendously. The hiking was great too.

Manatee Sightings High!

This is a great park to camp at especially in the winter when the manatees are in the run taking advantage of the 72 degree water, its that cold year round. During the summer it is really cool to tube. It is a nice short run.

Spring Fun

This is a typical Florida spring. I gave it the stars I did because it used to be a tad better before they put up the wall, but I do understand that the wall helps keep the beach dirt out of the spring hole. This is a very shallow spring water area. Has a really deep deep hole where main boil is. Scuba divers use it for beginners practices. It does have a nice spring run for kayaking and canoeing too. Lots of picnic areas and shelters. I like the boardwalk and hike areas adjacent to the swim area. Very nice park. Been to the campground once and it was nice.

Tubing Fun

Love this place for tubing for the day. Very kid friendly. The have tubes for rent with bottoms!!! We loved our floats down the river. They even have picnic shelters in parking area for a lunch after your float. A couple of families went together with kids and really enjoyed it. The floats with bottoms were a big help.

Juniper Run is a Must Kayak or Canoe!!!

I have been here several times. I love the run for canoeing and kayaking!!! The spring is pretty fantastic too. It appeals to young kids too because there is a ledge for jumping off into the deep spring hole. I have camped here once before and enjoyed it much. It is close to other springs too for day visits all around. The Ocala National Forest has lots of springs.

Sisters Tubing

My sister and I went there to spend a few days relaxing and floating on tubes in the spring. Love the salty water too!!! Gorgeous setting. Lots of oak trees around. Good photo opportunities and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I would go here again in a heartbeat. Real Florida!!