Sunol Regional Wilderness
Reviewed Aug. 13, 2020

OHLONE /SUNOL Wilderness - Backpacking Camp

Great backpacking getway.  Many day hikers here but you can backpack as well.  I camped on a beautiful ridge.

The hike is uphill.... it starts along a creek/river which is referred to as Little Yosemite.  Fun creek area with lots of water/rock formations. Then climb and climb the hill.  I stayed at Hawk's Nest on the ridge.  There is another route in but used this one due to the creek access at the beginning appears more scenic.

The sites are primitive and the water source questionable and unreliable. I hiked in

all the water I needed.

A permit is required as well as a reserved camping spot. There are other sites beyond Hawk's Nest all along the ridge lines.