Kirby Cove Campground
Patrick O.
Reviewed Sep. 1, 2016

Very good location to get out and about and see historical sites of SF coast + IFFY Weather

You can't find a better spot to see the Golden Gate bridge and the SF city skyline! The weather is almost always chilly in the evening and night so be prepared with jackets and GOOD sleeping bags. Honestly you could get away with a 0 degree bag here, which is so un common in Marin!

Be sure to walk the GG Bridge while you are here, even with the amount of people always present it is worth it. During the night go up to the look out point just south of the 101 exit before the golden gate. It is the closest and best location to view the GG Bridge at night with all its lovely lighting!

  • Enjoy the beach both on this side of the hills or just a short hike over to Kronkite beach! Just remember, leave only footprints and enjoy the nature as it is!
  • The views from the headlands over the Golden Gate bridge can afford you the best possible vista in the Americas!!!