Patrick O.

San Anselmo, CA

Joined June 2016

Traditional California Coast Campsite

Has everything you would need: bathrooms, showers, etc. Nothing that exciting but very good for kids.

If you do make it up here, check out the Mendocino Coast, just the drive alone is worth the trip without even taking into account any of the lovely food, art, or events in the Mendocino and Russian River area.

Great Location with Private Enough Spaces and World Famous Coastal Sights

Be sure to pack in what you need, the stores along the route 1 are expensive. Plan ahead and you can enjoy everything this location has to offer. Don't drive on holidays or weekends if you can avoid it, in or out, since the traffic is incredibly thick during these times.

A Gem In The Desert

Pro's: Close to Joshua Tree, Close to Sultan Sea, Plenty of geographical fun. Hiking is lovely. FREE sites, first come first serve.

Con's: Hot most times of year, minimal animates so bring what you need, Fills up fast so be sure you get there early in the day with back up planes.

Not many official camp grounds here, but lovely scenery and restaurants

This review is a bit more of a PSA than anything else. The reviews for Tomales Bay are not really reviews of campgrounds. Be sure you book a real campground since you get tickets and citations if you camp illegally in Marin. All the camp grounds are elsewhere, like Samuel Taylor Park, Skycap, Steep Ravine, Coast Camp, etc.

That being said, there is incredible sights to be seen. Miwok village is lovely for kids, shell beach, hearts desire, and the other small beaches INSIDE tamales bay off the coast offer smaller, simple, quiet beaches without the crowds or large surf. Ideal for young ones.

Point Reyes station has incredible window shopping, one of the FEW black and white landscape photographer studios to ever be given a Guggenheim Fellowship. Bovine bakery is the best around! Lots of good food!

Just up the road is Hog Island Oysters and many small bay side attractions for food and lodging.

Some of the best nature on the West Coast of the US

California, Washington and Oregon have lovely coast but this location is truly unique! Besides the quality of the locations and the nature and wildlife afforded you, the distance between spots is just incredible. Within walking distance from any one camp site or beach is another one. You could see all of Marin in a week without even touching a car if you were so inclined to do some hiking!

The two lighthouses are splendid excursions, Samuel P Taylor Park is a must for easy fun camping and some good small river access. Kehoe and North Beach are always empty and incredibly vast while Stinson gives you a bit of the packed beach and fun crowd vibe along with a great snack shack in the middle and beautiful rentals and B and B's just off the sand.

Make sure to check out the dunes at Limontour and if possible the cliffs of Drakes Beach!

Great easy camping for beginner campers

Easy access just over one mile from parking. From the camp site it is a good couple of miles to the beach, about six I believe. Some of the hiking is a little steep but nothing to challenging. Worth going to since most the lovely views are not in the campsite exactly but along the many trails nearby! If possible get campsite #6 it is ideal!

Make sure to make reservations since during camping season there is a incredible amount of booking and they run out!

Very good location to get out and about and see historical sites of SF coast + IFFY Weather

You can't find a better spot to see the Golden Gate bridge and the SF city skyline! The weather is almost always chilly in the evening and night so be prepared with jackets and GOOD sleeping bags. Honestly you could get away with a 0 degree bag here, which is so un common in Marin!

Be sure to walk the GG Bridge while you are here, even with the amount of people always present it is worth it. During the night go up to the look out point just south of the 101 exit before the golden gate. It is the closest and best location to view the GG Bridge at night with all its lovely lighting!

Make Reservations During High Season, Busy But Worth It

Incredible views, hiking, and hot springs, BUT:

bring layers of functional clothes since the weather on the coast of the SF bay can be anything from roasting to foggy frigid cold during the day and night year round. Don't just look at weather online and go.

Be ready to ACTUALLY camp, not just clamping drive in, unless you have one of the cabins. Many people have less than stellar experiences due to being underprepared.

Perfect Location for camping at Mount Tamalpais State Park

The entire Mount Tamalpais watershed is within 30 minutes drive from this location. The hiking trails that join from the coast all the way to Mill Valley and central Marin are walking distance from this site. Be warned though, the hiking is steep, really good hiking but bring good shoes and be sure that you are physically ready for a hard workout!

Incredible Nature and all very accessible

West Marin offers an incredibly picturesque location to explore, and Coast Camp is about as good as it gets. With a minutes hike to the beach, and all sorts of creeks, coast, forest and wildlife nearby its ideal for those that like to adventure away from the campsite and fire out to the world surrounding you. The sky at night as ideally suited for star gazing since the north bay doesn't get as much fog as the general SF bay area and the city lights don't pollute the night sky too bad!

Great spot to stop while checking out West Marin!

Raised in West Marin I have a special place in my heart for this campsite, but I will keep it fair!

Pro's: Close to the road and town for easy access and supply runs, lots of swimming holes, trail access to the entire Mt. Tam watershed for hours or days of expeditions.

Con's: close to the road :) Very booked, you should make reservations as soon as possible since it can be booked for entire seasons.

Check out the Ink Wells swimming hole a few miles up Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Kent Lake, and Devils Gulch hiking.

Pt. Reyes Station is a great spot to get outstanding food, a great saloon bar downtown, as well as great souvenirs of all kinds!

Be sure to go to Bovine Bakery if you are in town, as it is one o the best in the state!

Very Functional but not off the road to far!

It is about 40 yards from the highway 80 offramp, so sound is never quite "nature" :) It is near civilization if you want to "glamp" for a bit. It is right on the water. If you want to know a secret, get camp site #2, and you will be less surrounded by other campers and have more access to the water.

Walk south west from the campsite on the road and you will have some decent day hiking with lovely views, but again, not entirely away from human buildings and wires, and all that.