Kcl Campground
Reviewed Dec. 28, 2019

For Smaller Cars (5 Star Campsite)

December 24, 2019

This review will not be relevant for lifted or vehicles with high ground clearance and off roading capabilities.

A small portion of the paved road was covered in tumble weeds which gave me no choice but to drive off the main road. Eventually, the paved road ends and it’s nothing but dirt road for about 10 miles. Because of recent rains, it made the dirt roads a bit muddy and difficult for my small car. Lost traction in a few areas and it can be a bit bumpy but I’m sure if it was nice dry day, although moving slow and cautious, my small car would have no problem.

With the concerns I brought forward, other than that, I made it to the campsite and enjoyed the exclusivity of the beautiful wide open space of KCL campground all to myself.