Emerald Cove Resort
Sherrie R.
Reviewed Dec. 19, 2020

Poorly managed staff and unruly guests

I booked our first trip in our new rv to Emerald Cove for 4th of July. We were sent to the very last space far left at the edge of the campground. The furthest away from bathrooms, showers, store, snack bar, pool, beach, everything! The beachfront spaces were all occupied. But so was the walkways to the water! The spaces reserved as access for all campers to get to the water were filled with cars, tents, people, even though these were clearly marked as walk ways and no parking or any other was allowed. We couldn't even get to the water! Staff did not enforce fair access. Worse, the next camper close to us had a 4 seat razor. Since there was a few spaces between us that were vacant they decided to use the area as a raceway and drove their off road razor vehicle whipping around our camp kicking up dust, dirt and rocks that even flew into us hitting us. I first approached the other campers and asked them nicely to stop driving their OFV wicked fast around us that we were being struck by rocks. They didn't stop. I reached out to the staff who did nothing. We were so unsafe with the vehicle driving around us doing broadies, that we packed up and left within the first 24 hours. We had a 4 day reservation. I phoned the office to let them we had just left and why...they couldn't care less. We will never return here.