Jumbo Rocks Campground
Reviewed Nov. 24, 2021

Safe for Solo Campers

This was my first time solo camping and it was the best experience for a nature newbie like me. I appreciated the close proximity of the next door campsite for the only reason of me traveling alone with just my dog. I do appreciate a little more space from other campers now as I’m getting more comfortable camping alone & like my privacy. That being said, I still got the full experience of camping alone with privacy and not bumping into other camps space. The whole site is well organized by space number with multiple parking spots per campsite. It was pretty full of campers when I pulled in but not once did I see or feel too many ppl were around me at the camp ground. I also appreciated how one of the trails from the camp lead right up to a popular pic spot, the Skullhead Rock. It’s a quick little hiking trail with a great ending spot. There was the longest line waiting for a pic on the rock so I passed and drove a little further past skullhead and did some hiking at the end of a little turn off road. The reason why I’m going back: Ranger patrol came to every site to verify the camper and confirmed reservations. Didn’t expect this but once I talked to him, I felt soo much safer and was glad someone at the park was maintaining some kind of system of the sites and who was staying in them. Showers/bathrooms are dispersed throughout. Perfect place for huge groups that book multiple sites or large family.

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