Redington Pass - Dispersed Camping
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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2020

Beautiful views, but noisy!

Stayed: 10/8/2020- FREE

Site: 32.256182, -110.659613

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

This was an absolutely beautiful site above the city of Tucson! Definitely a popular spot. On the satellite view on maps, it seemed like there were a lot more sites than there are. We pretty much took the first open spot that we found (coordinates above). *See photo* Photo is looking west (top of pic) to east (bottom), as you travel UP Redington Rd.

We had a nice area to park the car and a second area to setup our tent. There was even a third area beyond that, for another tent or a second spot for a campfire fire. Overall, it was a huge site, if you’re pitching a tent. I uploaded a video that shows the entire site. The video is shot between the 1st & 2nd areas. Parking to the left, and we pitched the tent next to the fire pit you see. The person walking toward the camera on the far right is coming from the 3rd area!

Directly across the road (Redington Rd), were a bunch of cacti. We hung out over there for a bit during sunset and got some really cool pictures. Awesome views of the sun going down over Tucson were available on both sides of the road. *See photos*

There was a lot of trash, which was disappointing. I filled up the one bag that I had, and barely made a dent. As other reviews say, there is quite a bit of noise. During our one-night stay, there were tons of 4x4s and dirt bikes passing quite often. Definitely a heavily trafficked road.

Pretty easy to get to. I just plugged the coordinates in and it was easy to find. Would absolutely stay again. You can’t beat these views for a free nights’ stay!

AT&T: 1 bar 5G

Sprint: 2 bars LTE

  • Looking west (top of pic) to east (bottom), as you travel UP Redington Rd.
  • From parking area, facing "second" area, where we pitched the tent and there is the first of two fire pits.
  • Sad that adults can't pickup their own trash
  • View of the cacti and sunset over Tucson. This is shot from the front of our site, where the car is parked.
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  • A quick overview of the site.
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  • This is directly ACROSS the road from the campsite. The arrow points to Redington Pass. We noticed a small trail and enjoyed getting some cacti in some sunset photos!
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