Plomosa Rd. Quinn Pass BLM Dispersed Camping
Dee S.
Reviewed Feb. 18, 2021

Good Place with Few Other Campers

My brother and I camped in this general area for several days. At the end of January I was meeting up with campers I have met in prior years in this area.  I took several photos of the landscape while we camped there. It was cold and windy most nights. It rained a couple days and we were blessed with a beautiful double rainbow.  I'm a rock hound and found some very interesting rocks.

Internet and phone service was really bad when we were there. If I had phone service it was 1X (I have Verizon) and internet was basically non-existent the entire time we were there. Still it was a nice place to camp and I'll go back again.

  • Rock art with mountains in the background.
  • I have no idea what this is but it looks like a mini Joshua tress. I like these cacti.
  • I was out for a hike and this patch of reddish grass looked very nice with the mountains behind it.
  • The clouds were spectacular. Lots of different types of trees and shrubs.
  • Photo was kind of blurry but this is one of many interesting rocks I found.
  • Out for a hike.
  • Rainbow over our campsite.
  • other end of the rainbow. You can see the double better in this photo.
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