New Water Mountains Wilderness BLM
Laura M.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jan. 31, 2021

Hidden treasure!

We discovered this area while camping on Ramsey Mine Rd on the north side of I 10. We rode our bikes over the I 10 overpass into this area and liked it so much we considered packing up and moving here, but since we were leaving soon anyway decided not to. 

There are so many spots to camp here, and it is quiet and beautiful, very peaceful, minimal road noise from I 10, and surprisingly very few buggies and vehicle traffic. We were here on a weekend in late January and were surprised at how few people we saw. 

The first few spots just south of I 10 are ok for any rig to access, just watch the rocky roads and go slow. Further south the road gets a little rockier and parts are narrow, so proceed at your vehicle's ability and your own comfort level. 

We took some photo and video of a few spots- I will include the coordinates for each. 

Highly recommend this area! If we are in the area again we will definitely choose a spot here over the north side of I 10. 

Good verizon and ATT. No amenities. We saw very little trash here, though we did see some shooting debris.

  • 33.645000, -113.975000 - this is the closest spot to Hwy 10 and very easy to access
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  • 33.635155, -113.976676
  • 33.634700, -113.976500
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