Dome Rock Road BLM Dispersed Camping Area
Dee S.
Reviewed Feb. 19, 2021

A Little Too Crowded For Me

It was an okay camping spot. Phone and internet service was reasonable (internet was slow) but there were just too many other campers for my liking.  I was there in early-mid December 2020.  I took a hike back behind the Dome Rock and found that enjoyable. It was a very easy hike. 

It was easy to get to, maybe that why it was so crowded. I doubt I'll camp there again except in a pinch.

  • I was camped on the east side of Dome Rock closer to the road and pretty much walked straight back for my hike.
  • Dome Rock
  • Once I got back aways I came across a road and just followed the road. It went back a long ways.
  • This is behind Dome Rock
  • Following the road behind Dome Rock - I discovered you can actually drive back this way so if I camp in that area again I'd probably go back further.
  • Like animal caves, I think.
  • I followed a wash for awhile instead of the road.
  • I came across an old mine.
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